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Chinese culture


Chinese Culture

Festivals & Activities


Festivals & Activities

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Festivals & Activities
China is a country with many ethnic groups and a colorful cultural heritage. In China, there are many traditional festivals. Most of the traditional festivals in China are based on the Chinese lunar calendar.

These festivals are inclusive of local performance of dancing, singing, bull fighting, horse racing, etc.  They are also big market days for locals, people take all home-made product to trade with shop owners for what they need.  Need to explore China more deeply, check our Event calendar and contact us for more details of that area and local customs.

Compare Chinese traditional festivals, foreign country festivals also are more and more popular in China, like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas Day (information about Christmas Day in China).

Month Festival Area Ethnic Solar Calendar
Jan New Year's Day All China All Chinese Jan 01
Harbin Ice Festival Harbin All Chinese Jan 5 - Feb 5
Mawlid al-Nabi Xinjiang,Ningxia Hui, Urghur,Tazig


Laba Festival All China All Chinese Jan 15
Chinese New Year All China All Chinese Jan 26
Lantern Festival All China All Chinese ---
Nanning Mashan Drum Festival of Chuang minority Nanning Zhuang Feb 08
Hechi Donglan Fog Festival All Zhuang Feb 08
Mar Guilin Lipu The king of Dragon Festival Lipu All chinese Mar 09
Guilin Guanyang Mizhu Mountain Pear flower Festival Guangyang All chinese Mar 15
Guilin Gongcheng Peach blossom Festival Gongcheng All chinese Mar 20
Nanning Shanglin Wanshou Festival Nanning All chinese Mar 17
Sichuan Zigong Lanterns Festival Sichuan All chinese Mar 12
Apr Hechi Liu Sanjie Folk Song Festival of Yizhou Hechi All chinese Apr 08
Baise Ganchuang Folk Songs Fair of Tianyang Baise Zhuang Apr 12
Liuzhou Sanjiang Dong ethical minority Fireworks Festival Liuzhou Dong Apr 08
Guilin Longsheng Scarlet dress Festival of Yao ethical minority Guilin Yao Apr 20
Guilin Mazu Folk Culture Tourism Festival Guilin All Chinese Apr 27
Chongzuo Fushui Sister Liu Festival Chongzuo All Chinese Apr 15
Nanning Shanglin Shimen Longmu Festival Nanning All Chinese Apr 08
Nanning Wuming "Shanyueshan" Folk Song Festival Nanning Zhuang Apr 08
Nanning Qinxiushang Peachbolssom Festival Nanning All Chinese Apr 15
Hainan International Coconut Festival Hainan Li, Miao Apr 08
Hainan Li minority March 3 Festival Hainan Li Apr 08
Qingming Festival All China All Chinese Apr 05
Luoyang Peony Festival Luoyang All Chinese Apr 15
May Guiping Xishan Buddha bathing festival Guiping All Chinese May 12
Hezhou Fushan Song Festival Hezhou All Chinese May 30
Hezhou The King of Tea Festival Hezhou All Chinese May 03
Dongxiang Wuxuan town Temple Meeting Dongxiang All Chinese May 12
Qinzhou Litchi Festival Qinzhou All Chinese May 11
Qinzhou Nixing Festival Qinzhou All Chinese May 01
Chongzuo Longzhou Valentine's Day of Chuang Chongzuo Zhuang May 17
Yangzhou Qintong Boat Festival Yangzhou All Chinese May 08
Yunnan Dai ethical Water-splashing Festival Yunnan Dai May 17
Weifang International Kite Festival Weifang All Chinese May 06
Guizhou Cuckoo festival Guizhou Li, Miao,Buyi May 12
Qinghai June 6 Art Festival Qinghai All Chinese May 12
Jun Dragon boat Festival of Jingxi County, Baise Baise All Chinese Jun 08
Hezhou Zhaoping Culture and Art Festival Hezhou All Chinese Jun 16
Hezhou Dragon-boat race Xindu county Hezhou All Chinese Jun 08
Laibin Azalea Festival Laibin All Chinese Jun 13
Qinzhou River tide Festival Qinzhou All Chinese Jun 10
Nanning Long'an Firecracker Festival of Chuang minority Nanning Zhuang Jun 06
Nanning Yangmei Shangshui Pray Fair Nanning All Chinese Jun 08
Nanning Damingshan Dragon Mother Festival Nanning All Chinese Jun 04
Nanning International Dragon Boat Competition Nanning All Chinese Jun 08
Dragon Boat Festival All China All Chinese Jun 08
Yunnan Yi Minority Torch Festival Yunnan Yi Jun 24
Jul Nadamu Plain Tour Festival Nadamu Mongol Jul 15
Hunan Dragon Boat Festival All China All Chinese Jul 12
Wutaishan International Tourism Month Wutaishan All Chinese Jul 25
Hechi Huanjiang-Long Festival Hechi Miaonan Jul 04
Heichi Bunu Yao wish the Festival Hechi Yao Jul 02
Liuzhou Xinhe Festival Miao ethical minority Liuzhou Miao Jul 08
Dongxing Ha Festival of Gin minority Dongxing Gin Jul 11
Aug Jasmine Trade Meeting Heng country All Chinese Aug 10
Sinkiang Grape Festival Sinkiang Uyghur Aug 20
Tibet Xuedun Festival Tibet Zang Aug 10
Beihai International Beach Travel Culture Festival Beihai All Chinese Aug 10
Guilin Ziyuan country river lamp festival Guilin All Chinese Aug 12
Qixi Festival All China All Chinese

Aug 07

Shoton Festival Lhasa Tibetan Aug 10
River lamp festival Ziyuan, Guilin Han, Yao, Chuang Aug 12
Hezhou Release Citron Lights Festival Huangyao, Hezhou Han Aug 14
Qingdao Beer Festival Qingdao All Chinese Aug 16
Turpan Grape Festival Turpan Uyghur Aug 20
Sep Dalian International Fashion Show Dalian All Chinese Sep 08
Zhangjiajie International Forest Protect Festival Zhangjiajie All Chinese Sep 18
Qufu International Confucius Culture Festival Qufu All Chinese Sep 26
Mid-Autumn Festival All China All Chinese Sep 14
Hubei Three Gorges Art Festival Hubei All Chinese Sep 01
Zhenzhou Martial Art Festival Zhengzhou Han Sep 10
Fangchenggang Shangsi Shiwandashan Mountain Virgin Forest Festival Fangchenggang Yao and Zhuang Sep 10
Oct Miao's New Year Guizhou, Guangxi Miao ---
National Day of the People's Public of China All China All Chinese Oct 01
Wuzhou International Gem Festival Wuzhou All Chinese Oct 26
Guilin Lipu Chestnut Festival Guilin All Chinese Oct 01
Guilin Gongcheng Persimmon Festival Guilin All Chinese Oct 29
Guilin Yongfu Wealth and Health Festival Guilin All Chinese Oct 27
Dongxing Trade and Travel Festival Dongxing All Chinese Oct 10
Nanning-Southeast Asia International Tourism and Food Festival Nanning All Chinese Oct 10
Nanning International Folk Song Arts Festival Nanning All Chinese Oct 23
China-ASEAN Expo Nanning All Chinese Oct 23
Shanghai tour Festival Shanghai All Chinese Oct 30
Chongyang Festival All China All Chinese Oct 07
Huangshan mountain International Tour Festival An'hui All Chinese Oct 02
Guilin Shanshui Tour Festival Guilin All Chinese Oct 31
Nov Eid ul-Fitr or Id-Ul-Fitr Xingjiang Hui, Kazak, Uzbek... --
Eid al-Adha Xinjiang,Ningxia Hui, Bonan, Uzbek... --
Miao's New Year Guizhou,Guangxi Miao Nov 10-12
Chongzuo Hua mountain culture Festival Chongzuo All Chinese Nov 10
Baise Tourism Food Festival Baise All Chines Nov 28
Hezhou The Yao's King Pan Festival Hezhou All Chinese Nov 13
Laibin France Carnival Laibin All Chinese Nov 28
Guilin Yangshuo Fishing boat light Festival Guilin All Chinese Nov 28
Guilin Yangshuo "Shiyuexiang culture" activities Guilin All Chinese Nov 07
Dec Hechi Timbal Festival Hechi All Chinese Dec 01
Liuzhou Rongshui Lusheng Festival Liuzhou Miao Dec 23
Winter Solstice Festival All China All Chinese Dec 21
Beihai International Pearl Festival Beihai All Chinese Dec 12
Qinzhou International Dolphin Festival Qinzhou All Chinese Dec 09

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