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Yunnan tour

Yunnan tours

Yunnan Minority Ethnic Culture tours: Attending local festivals are good chances for photo tours. The famous festivals of Yunnan ethnic minorities are the Torch Festival of the Yi, the Third Month Fair of the Bai, the Sanduo Festival of the Naxi, the MunaoZongge Festival of the Jingpo and the SwordPole Festival of the Lisu.

Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-la Tour      8  days from $977.00 USD
Spring city of Kunming, Stone Forest in Lunan, traditional architecture complex of Bai minority in Daili, tranquil Lijiang old town, mysterious remote land of Shangri-La (Zhongdian).
Destinations:   Xian , Kunming , Dali , Lijiang , Zhongdian , Kunming
Read Details Tour code: SWYN008
Tiger Leaping Gorge, Shangri-la Tour      10  days from $1,199.00 USD
Enjoy your trekking on Tiger Leaping Gorge, which honored as one of the deepest and most marvelous gorges on the globe. Otherwise, Shangri-La is a haven of peace, snow-capped mountains, dense primeval forests, alpine lakes, and lush grassland are surrounded it.
Destinations:   Beijing , Kunming , Dali , Lijiang , Zhongdian , Kunming
Read Details Tour code: SWYN009
Yunnan Hani Minority Rice Terrace Tour      12  days from $1,334.00 USD
After getting lost in Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Zhongdian (Shangri-la), we will see the Ancient Constructions in Jianshui county, and Hani ethnic minority groups's rice terrace in Yuanyang. Yunnan minority and rice terrace tour welcomes you to join in...
Destinations:   Kunming , Dali , Lijiang , Zhongdian , Kunming , Jianshui , Yuanyang , Kunming
Read Details Tour code: SWYN005
Kunming, Dali, Lijiang Paradise Tour      7  days from $652.00 USD
Visit Stone Forest, 89 kilometers from Kunming. Take the time machine back to ancient town of Dali, chase Joseph Rock's foot to undevelepted Suhe Town and Yuhu village, the place where this old man stayed for 27 years. The stormy Tiger Leaping Gorge tells you all the stories.
Destinations:   Hong Kong , Kunming , Dali , Lijiang
Read Details Tour code: SWYN011
Yunnan Water Splashing Festival Tour      13  days from $1,694.00 USD
The Water Splashing Festival is the grandest ceremonial occasion for the Dai people in Xishuangbanna. People take part in the rowing dragon-boat race, launching Gaosheng and fire lamps. Young boys and girls throw colorful pouches to each other for expressing their mutual love.
Destinations:   Kunming , Zhongdian , Deqin , Zhongdian , Lijiang , Dali , Xishuangbanna , Kunming
Read Details Tour code: SWYNF001
Beijing, Xian, Shanghai Yunnan Tour      16  days from $2,256.00 USD
Time from ancient times to modern miracle, then enter the "spring city" and "flower city" -Kunming for its wonderful vistas and landscapes. Is it a tour makes photographers's dream coming true?
Destinations:   Beijing , Xian , Shanghai , Guilin , Kunming , Dali , Lijiang , Zhongdian , Kunming
Read Details Tour code: SWCM031
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Yunnan Minority Ethnic Culture tours: Attending local festivals are good chances for photo tours.
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