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Guilin Attractions

Sightseeing Guilin


Ziyuan County

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Ziyuan County

Ziyuan County is situated in northeastern Guangxi, about 107 kilometers from Guilin, where you can find range of mountains and peaks, crisscross of creeks and valleys, thick forests, fresh air, and in addition to the Han, 12 ethnic groups including the Miao, the Yao and the Zhuang. It lies in the climate zone characterized by subtropical monsoon and humidity. Though with dampness and comparatively excessive rainfall all the year round, its climate is warm and agreeable to men in the four seasons of a year.

Its scenery is very exquisite. When spring comes , brids sing amid the fragrance of flowers, while the murmuring creels run though green expanses. In early summer , we witness the full blooming of mountain flowers, and in autumn all the trees on mountains are touched with gold, which become clad in winter as if it were a snowy scene in the north.

Affected by the climate, vegetation, geology and geomorphology that are peculiar here, the natural resources of tourism in Ziyuan are multi-level and of many tupes. Here you can enjoy the queerness of mountains or paddle a light boat along a blue creek. In a word, the scenery here is quite different from the scenery in the other parts within the big circle of tourism in Great Guilin. The place that deserves particular mention is the Bajiaozhai

National Forest Park. It is a park with many wonderful scenic spots, characteristic of Danxia landform, and the shapes and images we find here are very peculiar.

The park covers an area of more than 800 square kilometres and is a choice place for you to enjoy hundreds of viewable scenes, drift along a creek, venture into the unknown, search for beautiful scenery, and spend a summer holiday.

Now the scenic spots that are available include "drifting along the Zijiang River","the waterfall at Baoding","the scenes characteristic of Danxi landform at Bajiaozhai","the national forest tourism park","the Baihuigu ecological park","explortaion by drifting along the Wupai River","ethnic custonms of the Miao and the Yao","the Mid-July River-Lamp Song Festival",etc. As to those under development, they include "the hot spring at Chetianwan", "the snowy scene at Ziyuan","the Huaguoshan Park", "the path taken by the Red Army at Laoshanjie on the Long March","the natural ecological tourism district at the Yinzhulao Mountain","prairies on the plateau","ancient cultural relics".

The unique and fantastic scenery in Ziyuan has been eulogized by specialists in geology, gardening and tourism as "the viewable state garden of great interests" and a bright pearl in the big circle of tourism in Great Guilin.


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