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Guilin Attractions

Sightseeing Guilin


Impression Sanjie Liu

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Impression Sanjie Liu

The live performance at night in Yangshuo
Impression Sanjie Liu is a major production with a cast of 500 singers, dancers, bamboo boats and cormorants bids. However, the stand out performer is definitely the background scenery. The lighting of the karst peaks is truly amazing and was our highlight.  Ticket rate: RMB 198 per person.

The show will be closed for three weeks in winter 
The Impression Sanjie Liu will not be shown in 20 days every year.   The cast memebers have been working every night all the year round, they need a break.  The Chinese New Year's Day usually is at late Jan or early Feb, they will come home for family union and come back to theatre to start their performance on the second day of Chinese New Year. 

Show close time in 2011
The Impression Liu Sanjie is not shown from Jan 5 to Feb 4, 2011.   The show will be open again on Feb 5.

As usual, the Chinese New Year holidays will be a big event in Yangshuo, it will be quite difficult to book a ticket.  Recommend you reserve a seat as earlier as possible.

Show Time
In weekend and summer           In weekday and winter
1st show: 19h40 to 20h50           20h00 to 21h10
2nd show: 21h20 to 22h30

Show Ticket
Ticket rate for C class (ordinary ticket): RMB 198 / USD 30 per person. Need to reserve in advance, We charge USD 3 extra to deliver ticket to your hotel in Guilin or Yangshuo.

Visit our sister webpage of http://www.yangshuoholiday.com/yangshuo/attractions_liusanjie.htm, check step-by-step booking procedure, and book online through there.

The Story of Miss Sanjie Liu
The performance is based on a Chinese musical movie made in 1961. The story is about a lady called Sanjie Liu who lived in the city of Liuzhou (2 hours from Guilin) where she worked in the fields. Sanjie in Chinese means 'the Third Sister', Liu is her family name.

Sanjie Liu was well known in Liuzhou for her great singing voice. She would always sing while she worked in the fields. Most of her songs were about the repression felt by her and the farmers from the local landlords who over taxed them. She had to leave Liuzhou for her own safety and came to Yangshuo on a bamboo raft and settled here.

Yangshuo's farmers also had problems with their landlord and Liu Sanjie took up singing against them. The local landlord had her kidnapped, but she escaped after the local farmers staged an uprising against the landlord. The locals agreed with the landlord that they did not have to pay taxes if they could sing better than the landlord, something which they always did.

Then under the Big Banyan tree, Sanjie Liu tossed her love ball to her loved one, Brother Aniu (Aniu in Chinese means Bufflo), the men accepted and they lived happily ever after.

How to get there
Plan A - Take a golf car: a type of public transportation service in old town of Yangshuo, pickup place for the show is at the front door of Yangshuo Pradise Ressort, the golf car can take 9 persons one time, and it cost RMB 20-30 one way to the show place, you can pay the driver RMB 20-30, ask the driver to go right away; or you might wait for other passengers, and share the cost together.  When the show finishs, it will be difficult sometimes to find a golf car to go back to the hotel, you might need to walk 40 minutes. 

Plan B - Show + round trip transfers: ask your tour consultant or your tour guide to reserve the ticket, and the cost is USD 33 per person,  the tour guide will find the seat for you, escort you to find the car when the show ends, and driver will be waiting for you to take you back to the hotel.  It is expensive because you have to pay the overtime work cost for the tour guide and driver.

Li River Cruise + Impression Liu Sanjie + Transfers Package

Map of Impression Liu Sanjie

seats location of impression liu sanjie


Service includes: Ticket + delivery to your hotel or apartment in china.

Class C B2 B1 A2 A1
Area Yellow Green Green Gray Gray
Price 33 38 51 74 103
        Currency: USD

Book Impression Liu Sanjie tickets online

100% refund guarantee
Thousands of our clients have paid through PayPal to book tickets in this way.  If you have not received your tickets, we guarantee to send 100% refund to your paypal account.  

Pay by PayPal
Visit our sister webpage of http://www.yangshuoholiday.com/yangshuo/attractions_liusanjie.htm, book online through there.



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