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Tourism Xiamen


Xiamen Guide

Tourism Xiamen


Xiamen Travel Guide

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Xiamen, tucked away in China's southeast coastal area, is the second biggest city in Fujian Province, and has a fitting nickname: "Garden on the Sea". Xiamen is surrounded by ocean on three sides, and faces Taiwan straight across. Between the azure sky and aqua sea with its long beaches are mountain villas hidden by green trees. It's no wonder the city has been called the "best residence in China". It covers an administrative area of 1,565 square kilometers with seven districts and has a population of 1.27 million.

As one of the forerunners of the special economic zones of China, Xiamen mainly consisting of Xiamen Island, Gulangyu Island, the north bank area of the Jiulong River and Tong'an County, is connected with the mainland by the Gaoji Seawall, Xiamen Bridge, etc. Xiamen has been called the Egret Island because of the hundreds of thousands of egrets inhabiting there. This is due to the beautiful natural scenery, the fresh air and the clean environment of the city.

Xiamen Port has opened sea routes with more than 60 ports in more than 40 countries and regions including Japan, America, Singapore, the Mediterranean, Hongkong, Korea and Taiwan.

Xiamen Tourism
Being of a subtropical monsoon climate with mild weather all year round expect the typhoon months, Xiamen is an ideal tourist destination for you. It is a typical littoral city with abundant tourist attractions such as islands, mountains, temples and parks, etc., providing you with a full sightseeing schedule. The well-known Gulangyu Island, Nanputuo Temple and other tourist areas like Jimei, Wanshiyan, etc. are highly recommended. A sea tourist line is also available for you to enjoy the amazing scenery of many beautiful small islands around.

Exotic flowers, rock gardens and rare herbs cover the lush landscape of Xiamen. The Wanshi Botanical Garden in the southwest corner of the city consists of 20 sub-gardens and planting areas like Pine and China Fur Garden, Rose Garden, Palm Garden, Arbor, Introduced Variety Area, Medical Herb Garden, Large-scale Cactus Garden, and Orchid Nursery, where 3,000 tropical and subtropical plants are nurtured.

Transportation in Xiamen
Xiamen enjoys convenient transportation. You can go there by air, by train, by coach or by sea. The transportation within the city is also satisfying. Most tourists consider the accommodation in Xiamen, consisting of many star rated hotels, convenient. Meanwhile Xiamen has plenty of special local products to be added to your shopping list, including various kinds of tealeaves, fruits like sugarcanes, olives and longans as well as sea products such as fish, prawns, crabs, abalones and lancelets.

Xiamen's development
Known as one of the earliest treaty ports opened to foreign trade in the Chinese history, Xiamen is also an important window to foreign exchange at the present time. Xiamen has been famed as a hometown of overseas Chinese with 400,000 overseas Chinese of Xiamen descent, chiefly distributed in such nations or territories as Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Hongkong, Macao. Xiamen has a close relationship with all parts of the world and has established sister city relationship with six nations successively.

Being the hometown of many overseas Chinese, Xiamen has actually benefited from the contribution of overseas Chinese and its economy has undertaken great advancement. To promote its tourism industry, it has established not only the corresponding infrastructures, but also a great variety of entertainment centers. The folk customs of the minorities, varied local festivals and especially the particular local dishes and snacks are also appealing to visitors. Xiamen, with distinct oriental culture and southern Fujian features, welcomes you from all over the world.

Xiamen is also an ideal place for holding all sorts of international conferences and exhibitions. The present 9.8 China investment and trade conference every year has become one of the largest international economic and trade gatherings all over the country. Other sorts of conferences and exhibitions are held successively. Xiamen is working toward the goal of becoming a famous city for international conferences and exhibitions.

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