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Yangtze Cruise Attractions

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Baidi City (White Emperor City)

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Baidi City (White Emperor City)

Baidi City ("White Emperor City")
Baidi City or the City of White Emperor is not a real city, but a mini town with some temples and gates on top of Baidi Hill in Fengjie County, located at the entrance of Qutang Gorge and 8 km from Fengjie County. Climbing over 500 steps, you can reach the top. It is the starting point of the Three Gorges and is most famous for Li Bai's great poem about the city written in the Tang Dynasty.
According to a local folk tale, when construction of the town began, a stream of white steam rose up from a well, like a white dragon flying up to heaven. The town was therefore named Baidi, meaning Heavenly White Dragon. During the Three Kingdoms Period (220-280), when Emperor Liu Bei of Shu retreated to Baidi after a disastrous defeat at the hands of the State of Wu, he fell fatally ill. Before his death, he entrusted state affairs and the guardianship of his son Liu Chan, the future emperor of Shu, to his prime minister, Zhuge Liang. This incident later became known as "entrusting the orphan at Baidi," a historical event which was much described in Chinese literature.

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