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Kaili Attractions

Sightseeing Kaili


Shanglangde Miao village

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Shanglangde Miao village

Shanglangde Miao village is 37 km from Kaili, a typical Miao village with well protected traditional Miao style houses, bridges in a beautiful surrounding river valley.  The village is like an open-air museum of nationality culture and customs, there are about 100 families and over 500 people, who are all of Miao Ethnic.

The village is located in a place with hills behind and rivers in the front. People have built suspension houses row upon row from the foot to halfway of the hills. Most of the houses have Meirenkaos, a typical ornament of the Miao Ethnic.

Set along the river, Shanglangde retains its village size and atmosphere as well as many of its wooden homes and buildings.

Like all Miao villages, there is a big rain and wind roof covered bridge crossing the river in front of the village, the bridge is a covered walkways with railings and benches for people to sit on and enjoy the scenes around.

Because timber resources are plentiful in Shanglangde area, houses in this village are usually built of wood, and roofed with fir bark or tiles or are thatched. Some of the houses are roofed with stone slabs.

On the hills, there are lush old trees reaching the sky, which are infallible "Village Guards". The preservation of trees is an old custom of the Miao.

The lanes in the villages are all made of stones. A brook named Wangfeng River flows in front of the village in an S-shape, and at its banks, there are tens of water mills made of bamboo tube, depicting a typical view of the Miao village.

The clothing of Miao people has distinctive features which vary from other Miaos. Men wear short jackets buttoned down the front or to the left, long trousers with wide belts and long black scarves, with decorations embroidered on collars, sleeves and trouser legs.

The village is the hometown of Yang Daliu, the leader of the Miao Rebel in Chinese Qing Dynasty. The fighting relics, the walls and trenches etc., which he used for resisting the Qing armies and protecting the village, still remains.

When visitors come to the village, the villagers accord them a very special but grand reception - to "obstruct" visitors from entering the village. With wine and Miao songs, they obstruct guests in the way, singing toast songs and urging them to drink "Obstacle Wine", which is 3-5 courses at least or 12 courses at most.

The final course of "Obstacle Wine" will be set at the gate of the village, a small delicate wood building. A pair of cups made of ox horn will be hanged at the gate, and there will be girls dressed in their holiday dresses or old people wearing traditional costumes holding the cups and toasting to guests.

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