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Temple of Heaven

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Temple of Heaven

The Temple of Heaven is in the southeast of Beijing, in the east of the street in Yongdingmen of Chongwen District. Cover an area of about 270 ten thousand square meters, it is the extant largest ancient sacrificial buildings of China. It was the place that the emperor offered a sacrifice to an ancestor that year today, Zhongshan Park of in the west to offer sacrifices to, have a bumper harvest god the five cereals place of cultivated land.

In whole Beijing town, the north have Temple of Earth hold a memorial ceremony for, the south have the Temple of Heaven offer a sacrifice to Heaven, the east have the Alter to the Sun hold a memorial ceremony for the sun, there is the Temple of Moon to hold a memorial ceremony for the moon in the west, among them the Temple of Heaven is the most flamboyant, tolerance is outstanding.

The Temple of Heaven was established in the 18th year of Yongle in Ming Dynasty (1420) ,Have revised and built again when Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty, Guang Xu. It is the place that the emperor offered sacrifices to emperor's weather, Good Harvest of praying in Ming and Qing times.

The Temple of Heaven Huan mound, pray for good harvest two jar of general names, have jar to be wall double, form internal and external jars, the north of southern jar wall is round, symbolize hemispherical dome. Main building inclusive jar, Circular Mound Altar in the south, pray for good harvest jar in the north, two jar, and at one north and south axis, there are walls and is separated by in the middle.

Circular Mound Altar main building have Circular Mound Altar, Imperial Vault of Heaven,etc., pray for good harvest jar main building have the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest, emperor the universe hall, pray for a year of abundance door,etc.

Famous the North the most of the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest, this is the most grand, most magnificent building in the Temple of Heaven, it is the place closest to it in the imagination too. Three stories roof of the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest, use the deep blue bedding of glazed tiles, symbolize it.

Except that the Taiji stone of the centre is a round the jar, every circle of periphery is a shape of face of fans, the figure is counted by the male genital too, symbolizes for nine weight days, Celestial Ruler Supreme God's memorial tablet is laid on Taiji stone, signify Celestial Ruler Supreme God ranks it on nine weight days. There are Imperial Vault of Heaven and Echo Wall in the subsidiary building of Circular Mound Altar. If the Tian'anmen Rostrum has already become the symbol of China, then, the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest of the Temple of Heaven is this symbol of the immortal well-known city of Beijing. Indeed, this unparalleled building is the crystallization of intelligence and civilization, in 38 meters of common height, volume of 30 meters in diameter, have held so abundant knowledge.

Meanwhile, she summit of building, timber structure of China, too, pay, marry by the wooden tenon only, the supports of sets of brackets on top of the columns, all finish this one being amazed by the masterpiece generation with the timber. Another beautiful beyond compare place of the Temple of Heaven, is a wonderful echo.

Stand in the centre of Circular Mound Altar calling, you will hear the bright and deep echoing coming from the stratum depths, like from the earth's core, it seems that from the sky, so people are that it has chosen a very mysterious name again in this sound: 'heart stone of day '. There is a enclosure about 0.9 meters thick around Imperial Vault of Heaven, you stand on one end whispering along the side of the wall, the person on another end stands so long as the ear sticks to the wall and can be heard unusually clearly, and there are stereo results, this is ' Echo Wall'. This proves Chinese 500 years before can already use the

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