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Peking Roast Duck

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Peking Roast Duck

Along with the grand view of the Great Wall, travelers to Peking shouldn't miss trying the Peking Roasted Duck. To enjoy the famous duck, the restaurant Quan Ju De is the best choice for you. It has multiple outlets in Peking (Beijing). The old restaurant first opened in 1860. The duck here is said to be the best in Peking, and the service is very good as well.

Before you take up the menu, you might want to know more about how Peking Roasted Duck is made and how it is served. The ducks are raised for the sole purpose of making the food. Force-fed, they are kept in cages which restrain them from moving about, so as to fatten them up and make the meat comparably tender. Peking Roasted Duck is processed in several steps: first the ducks are rubbed with spices, salt and sugar, and then kept hung in the air for some time. Then the ducks are roasted in an oven, or hung over the fire till they become brown with rich grease perspiring outside and have a nice odor.

Peking Duck is always served in well-cut slices. The whole duck must be sliced into 120 pieces and every piece has to be perfect with the complete layers of the meat. Normally there are many dishes served with the duck, including a dish of fine-cut shallot bars, a dish of cucumber bars and finally a dish of paste-like soy of fermented wheat flour. Without these the dainty duck is surely in the shade.

Which restaurant is famous one?
There are two famous Restaurants that offer Beijing Roast Duck. They are Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant and Bianyifang Roast Duck Restaurant .

What's the History of Roast Duck?
Both Quanjude Roast Duck & Bianyifang Roast Duck have a history of over one hundred years. Quanjude Roast Duck was founded in 1864 while Bianyifang Roast Duck was founded in 1855,

How roast duck is made?
Quanjude Roast Duck uses an oven without a door. After a kind of dressing being spread all over a duck, it will be hooked up in the oven over the flame coming up directly from the burning of the fruit-tree wood and it will be made ready in 40 minutes.
Bianyifang Roast Duck uses a close oven and straw as the fuel. There is no flames coming directly to a duck from the fuel. Before being put into the oven, a duck is filled with specially-made soup to make it possible to be roasted outside and boil it inside at the same time.
After roasted and dried, the duck will look brightly dark red, shining with oil and with crisp skin and tender meat. Few people could resist its temptation due to its attractive appearance.

How to eat it?
When you are ready at the table, the chef will show you the whole duck. In front of you, he will cut it into about one hundred and twenty pieces with both skin and meat for each duck. The duck is served together with special pancakes, hollowed sesame bun, green onions and sweet sauce. You will be taught to wrap duck slices, onion, and sauce in a pancake or a sesame bun with your bare hands. Very often people would like to put in sliced garlic and cucumber as well. Some young people would like to dip slices into white sugar directly. Some parts of the duck will be served as either cold dishes with its livers, wings, stomach, webs and eggs, or hot dishes with fried heart, tongue and kidneys. The bones can cooked into a soup as a last dish for duck dinner.

How to book?
Sinoway Travel offer 'Add-on Activities' per day.
Price per person: USD 30
Time: 18h00 - 20:00
Include: Dinner cost, round trip transfer hotel/restaurant, one bottle of beer or drink
Remarks: It is difficult to reserve a table at QuanJuDe Restaurant, so we will take you to a local famous restaurant ZhenWeiLou.  If you prefer to go to QuanJuDe, the food is more expensive there, the total cost will be USD 55 per person.


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