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Tourism Zhuhai


Zhuhai Guide

Tourism Zhuhai


Zhuhai Travel Guide

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Located at the southern estuary of the Zhujiang Delta in Guangdong Province, Zhuhai has an advantaged setting between the two Special Administrative Regions, Macau to the south and Hong Kong to the east across the South China Sea. Its territory counts 146 islands and a coastline of 690 km. The city boasts its amiable climate, beautiful beaches and convenient transportation, and has been entitled as the Model City for Environment Protection by the United Nation.

Zhuhai has no special place in history: It was nothing more than a small agricultural town under changing administration. Things changed in 1979 with Deng Xiaoping's economic policies and the economic boom began. In the following year, approved by the fifth People's Congress, Zhuhai, along with other three cities (Xiamen, Shenzhen and Shantou) was established as a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in the 1980s.

Zhuhai encompasses three separate townships. Gongbei on the border with Macau, is the most thriving place and the major tourist area. Jida district to the north-east is where harbor, as well as holiday resorts locate, and finally Xiangzhou district to the east-which is also where the airport locates. Though full of new offices, immensely wide roads and tasty economic incentives, Zhuhai still lags behind Shenzhen (the SEZ on the border with Hong Kong).

But Zhuhai is definitely growing. A large amount of foreign capital is being invested and there is a significant increase in visitors both from inland and Macau or Hong Kong. Local tourist sights includes the New Yuan Ming Palace and Jiuzhou Cheng. Zhuhai is also the venue of an annual air show. Off the coast there are many small islands and Zhuhai itself has a few pretty beaches.

Zhuhai's mineral resources are quartz sand, granite and building sand. The Wanshan Fishery is one of the biggest in Guangdong. Major industries include electronics, food, chemical industry and textiles. Local specialties are seafood (crab, lobster, oyster, squid), fruit and flowers. 

Zhuhai vested the glory of "National outstanding tourist city" issued by national council, and "Best example on improving residence environment of mankind" issued by U.N. Zhuhai is indeed an exceptional city. Seeing the sights of the city, may you think of Singapore. There are a lot of tourism programs in Zhuhai.

Such as the New Yuanming Palace, Touring around Macao, the Pearl Land, Zhuhai Fisher Girl, Zhuxian Cave, Water World of Baiteng Lake, Shijing Shan Cableway, the tranquil islands and clean sandy beach would give you an ever lasting impression.Above all these pearls, the New Yuanming Palace is the brightest one. It reproduced many wonderful buildings and views of the unburned Yuanming Yuan, the garden of gardens. A gift by the God, the natural scenery is also the finest of the world.

The attractive environment and natural landscapes bolster Zhuhai's reputation as a garden city and a model city of best living environment.


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