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Tourism Shaoxing


Shaoxing Guide

Tourism Shaoxing


Shaoxing Travel Guide

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Shaoxing is a prefecture-level city, located south of the Yangtze River delta in north-central Zhejiang Province between Hangzhou and Ningbo, Shaoxing governs Shaoxing County, Zhuji City, Shangyu City, Shengzhou City, Xinchang County and Yuecheng District. Shaoxing is only 30 kilometers from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, and 232 kilometers southwest of Shanghai.

Shaoxing's legacy ranks it as one of the first and most famous historical and cultural cities in China. Also noted in this legacy is Shaoxing's long history of being an excellent city for tourists, as well as being renowned for state-level hygiene and environmental protection status. As a top forty city in China, Shaoxing cultivates an environment of investment and is an important city for the advancement of development in the south of Yangtze River delta. Furthermore, it was named recently as one of the most attractive cities of China, especially its many beautiful gardens. Shaoxing is in one of the most economically dynamic areas of China.

Shaoxing is also famous for its water and bridges, as well as for its wine, and contributions to Chinese calligraphy. It is the hometown of Cai Yuanpei, Lu Xun and Zhou Enlai. Chairman Mao Zedong praised the city when he referenced is as the region of Jian Lake, Terrace of the King of the Yue Kingdom and personage. Shaoxing has always been world-famous as "the region of culture", notably for a variety of local operas, including Yue, Shaoju, Diaoqiang and lotus Flower Fall. In fact, Yue opera is regarded as the second greatest opera of China. Many other high-class cultural facilities are available, such as the Shaoxing Grand Theater and the Artistic Center of Shaoju Opera, to name just two. Shaoxing's fame has spread around the world for other reasons as well. The beautiful water scenes and attractive local conditions and customs have long made the city a splendid tourist destination.

Lu Xun, a literary giant of his generation, composed many works representing the strong local color of Shaoxing culture. As a result, visiting Shaoxing can be considered a nostalgic tour of Lu Xun's culture. A tourist today will also enjoy Shaoxing’s long and ancient track road, green water, flying stone bridges and a variety of river-boats.

The city is criss-crossed by rivers flowing from the Yangtze, and boasts some 4,000 bridges as well. This is typical scenery for a water town in the south of the Yangtze River. Shaoxing is famous for its long history, its culture, and the natural beauty of mountains and water. There are nearly 200 tourist attractions open to the public, including the famous Residence of Lu Xun, the Ancient Track Road, the Mausoleum of Da Yu, the Orchid Pavilion, Shen's Garden, the Residence of Cai Yuanpei, the Residence of Zhou Enlai, the Xi Shi Palace of Zhuji, the Big Buddha Temple of Xinchang, and the Caoe Temple of Shangyu.

Tourists can enjoy exploring Shaoxing's wine culture, its stone culture, its history of calligraphy, Buddhist sites, and of course the rivers and bridges. For lodging, there are 42 foreign related tourist hotels in the city.


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