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6 tours per page        Total: 94 tours          
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Beijing Nanshan Ski Resort Tour
Beijing Nanshan Ski Resort Tour      3  days from $399.00 USD
Do you want to experience a ski holiday with your family or friends in China, to enjoy white snow view? We've got it all covered for you in advance. A unique leisure and recreation experience will be taken in Nanshan Ski Resort winter days.
Destinations:   Beijing
Read Details Tour code: SWPBJ09
Pingyao City Tour
Pingyao City Tour      2  days from $130.00 USD
Pingyao is now renowned for its well-preserved ancient city wall, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, included also the outlying Zhenguo Temple, Shuanglin Temple and Qiao Family Mansion, gained its renown not only for its large scale but also for the exquisite craftsmanship.
Destinations:   Datong, Pingyao, Taiyuan
Read Details Tour code: SWPY001
Qingdao City Tour
Qingdao City Tour      3  days from $184.00 USD
Qingdao City takes pride in its Bavarian appearance and also known as the "China's Switzerland". In recent years, Qingdao became one of China's first "open door" cities, and it continues to produce the world-renowned Qingdao Beer.
Destinations:   Beijing, Qingdao
Read Details Tour code: SWQD001
Mount Huangshan and Jingde Town Tour
Mount Huangshan and Jingde Town Tour      1  days from $386.00 USD
Jingdezhen is a light industry town with green mountains and beautiful waters around, and many chinawares factories and porcelain clay ores can be seen everywhere. Then continue tour to Mount Huangshan and Tunxi.
Read Details Tour code: SWHSS-07
Short Hiking Tour on Mount Huangshan
Short Hiking Tour on Mount Huangshan      4  days from $395.00 USD
Doing some short excited hiking on Mount Huangshan will make your Yellow Mountain tour more be challenging, and while hiking, you can enjoy dazzling beautiful views of the most famous mountain in China.
Destinations:   Huangshan
Read Details Tour code: SWHSS-08
3 days Huangshan Tour
3 days Huangshan Tour      3  days from $318.00 USD
Only 3 days! We try to include all 'must go' sites. Highly recommend you to book the earlies flight in and the latest flight out! The highlights are: Mount Huangshan, Hongcun village and the Hukaiwen Ink Factory.
Read Details Tour code: SWHSS-09
6 tours per page        Total: 94 tours  
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