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7 Days Fujian Xiapu Inspiring Photography Tour

  • Trip highlights:

    Various spectacular sceneries composing of the sun rising and setting, the tide rising and falling, the bamboo poles, fishing boats and fish nets

    Plenty of unusual shooting chances of stunning picturesque images: colorful low lying sand, history, culture, fisher farms and fishermen working scene

    A lot of typical fishing villages visiting in this package

  • Tour price: From $ 0.00 Price including hotels, tours, meals...
  • Destinations: Fuzhou, Huangshan, Xiapu County, Fuzhou
  • Tour code: CD-PT06      Private tour for a van with tour guide and driver, available every day
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Day 1  Fuzhou
Today's Activities:

Upon arrival in Fuzhou, your local guide will welcome you at the airport/railway station and escort you to hotel for check-in. The rest of the day is up to you for a good rest.

Travel Tips:
Photographic Gears:
1. As the shooting matters will be in long distance, long-focus lens (70-300mm long-focus lens is a good option, also need wide-angle lens) can assist to showing of the aesthetic of andscapes.
2. Wide-angle lens and middle or long focus lens are both necessary. Maybe you will need lens of 300mm focal length.
3. A firm tripod is a must as the heavy wind at the seaside.

Best time to go: August - Octomber

[ Today's Optional ]
Fuzhou Nightlife: As a modern southern city, Fuzhou City is a flourishing entertainment center. All manner of places of entertainment, night clubs and sauna etc. line the busy streets. These places are massed in the area of Jiangjun Temple, Liuyi Lu and Dong Jie Kou.

Day 2  Huangshan,Huangshan (B,L)
Today's Activities:

Highlights: sunset over the East Wall,  Xiapu County

After breakfast, have a 3-hour drive to Xiapu and head to hotel for check-in. In the afternoon, let’s to take a wonderful shot at the East Wall (a small fishing village looks to the sea). It features immense and spectacular landscapes and is among the great places to capture the sunset. Especially in autumn, with shuttle fishing boats, and golden sunset, it is the ideal position to take photos of the sea. Overnight in Xiapu.

Shooting Tips:
The East Wall (a small fishing village looks to the sea) is among the ideal places to grab images of the sunset over the sea.

[ Today's Optional ]
Drum Mountain: You can walk the hill comfortably in around 1hr 15 mins, it's 1900m high. Along the way, souvenir and food vendors litter the path. Be sure to buy drinks and snacks in the city before you head there as they're twice or three times the price on the hill.

Day 3  Xiapu County
Today's Activities:

Highlights:  tideland sunrise & sunrise , aged banyan, folk customs, beach scenery in Xiaohao village, maple forest

Get up early for the charming sunrise of the tideland, sense the beauty of the wonderful tidal flat. Then proceed to Yangjiaxi for the aged banyan and unique folk culture and customs. After lunch, return to the hotel for a short break. Later, head to Xiaohao village to shoot the tideland sunset. You’ll see fisherman putting out and hauling nets for fish. After the shooting, back to hotel.

Shooting Tips:
1. Xiaohao village is among the classic positions to photograph fascinating views of Xiapu. As you shoot along the light, colors of the huge golden tidal flat vary with the waves. And shoot against the light, you’ll find the streams winding through the tideland, just like the artery of the beach, sparking its silvery light.
2. Walk up to the mountain along the roadside trail of County Road 981, and here is a rich stretch of immense beach and Xiaohao village beneath you.

[ Today's Optional ]
Tomb of Lin Zexu: The Tomb of Lin Zexu lies in a northern suburb of Fuzhou. In 1839 the supreme commander Lin Zexu (1785-1850) confiscated and burned 20,000 cases of opium which the British had smuggled into China from India, and this led to the outbreak of the Opium Wars.

Day 4  Xiapu County
Today's Activities:

Highlights: sea sunrise, charming costal scenery, beach sunset

Get up early to head for Beiqi to shoot sea sunrise and then proceed to Shajiang Town where you’ll get close-up images of coastal scenery, where people let kelps become dry out under the sun. After lunch, have a short break then move to appreciate the waterfront landscapes and sunset at Shajiang S-shaped gulf. Numerous bamboo sticks inserted in the beach and well-proportioned arranged on both sides of this S-shaped harbor waterway, perfectly display the glamour of the beach. After the shooting, back to hotel.

Shooting Tips:
1. Beiqi is the great place to shoot the wonderful tideland views of Xiapu. It enjoys tiger-stripes beach and is crammed with oceans of sticks, local people and visitors, as well as fish boats. At high tide, the busy boats shuttling between the buoys and pole shadow perfectly blend with the sea, mountains and islands. When the tide goes out, fishermen’s moving on the beach enable the beach seem to be more rhythmic and dynamic. At this moment, no matter which angle to shoot, you’ll get a charming image.
2. The towering cliff is the ideal location to shoot, with a immense stretch and the tide land and laver racks at the foot of the cliff.
3.Bamboo sticks lined on the beach shape the spacious “S” gulf, where fish boats wind the way. In order to capture the perfect view, you need to photograph standing on the top of the teaching building of Xiapu No. 2 middle school.

[ Today's Optional ]
Fuzhou Hot Spring Golf Club: Beside the beautiful Pandu Stream in Lianjiang County of Fuzhou City, there is a good place for sports, leisure, to sweat after daylong work, to soak oneself comfortably in the high-quality hot spring and to win a lifetime health--Fuzhou Hot Spring Golf Course. 25 kilometers to the urban area in the outskirts of Fuzhou City, Fuzhou Hot Spring Golf Course enjoys a convenient transportation. With an area of 120 hectares, it is carefully planned and designed according to the 18 holes international

Day 5  Xiapu County
Today's Activities:

Highlights: sunrise, local people life, landscapes of waterfront,“steamed bun”mountain, spectacle of kelps drying out

Get up early to Weijiang for the shooting of sunrise, beautiful scenery of “steamed bun”mountain. Then move to Bailu local village for the septacle of kelps drying out. After lunch, continue to Xishan to photograph the unique and charming landscapes of waterfront. Later of the day, back to hotel.

Shooting Tips:
Weijiang is a nice waterfront village, where you can photograph the sunrise,considerable oysters and kelps hanged on the fishing net to dry out, remote natural landscape of “steamed bun” mountain, and engaged local people.

[ Today's Optional ]
Trans Strait Golf Club: Famous golf course designer Robert Trent Jones ,Jr designed the course .Making great use of the existing mountain ,water ,and ,thick forest and with the best course construction ,the designer created a master piece with series advantages of natural scenery and ecological development .Some fairways are built on the sand beaches,which can be called "superb".The course is protected by the thick shelter-gorest.There are a lot of trees,the environment is natural without any building structures ,which

Day 6  Xiapu County,Fuzhou
Today's Activities:

Highlights: sunrise, local life, enchanting natural views of tide land

Get up early to Beidou for the attractive sunrise, plus the local people with a pleased smile on the face, as well as the girls weaving and mending fishing nets. Afterwards, proceed to Hanjiang to shoot the kelps hanged on the nets or sticks to drying out. After breakfast, go to Qidu to the shots of unique beach scenery. Then, return to Fuzhou.

Shooting Tips:
1. As you capture the beach scenery, it’s better to take something as a frame of reference, such as fisherman or heron, or the image you shoot will be without vibrant even with good light and color.
2. A firm tripod is necessary as the heavy wind at the seaside and the frequent using of long-focus lens.
3. The road behind the small hill of Hanjiang is the best position to photograph the kelps, bamboo sticks and bustling working people.
4. Qidu beach without bamboo sticks, boasts the singular rigid appearance. Fishermen plough on the beach of dams, which form the unique wonders with dams appearing to be rough and strong lines.


[ Today's Optional ]
Summit Golf & Country Club: Next to Fuzhou Dengyun Reservoir, at the foot of the mountain and facing the water, Summit Golf Course has complete terrains and moderately gentle slopes, which make the planning of course nearly perfect and the deployment of strategic holes easy. Blessed with a temperate climate, the golf season is unusually long. With the bright sun, pleasant breezes and fairly long sunny hours, it is neither cold in winter nor hot in summer in Fuzhou. The golf season lasts throughout the year. The temperature

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