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5 Days Chongqing Dazu and Yangtze Cruise Tour

  • Trip highlights: Start from Chongqing, you will experience the Dazu Grottoes, rock carvings and 100,000 characters of inscriptions since Tang Dynasty. Then you will enjoy the spectacular views during your splendid Yangtze River Cruise.
  • Tour price: From $ 471.00 Price including hotels, tours, meals...
  • Destinations: Chongqing, Yangtze Cruise, Yichang
  • Tour code: SWYangtze002      Private tour for a van with tour guide and driver, available every day
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Day 1  Chongqing
Today's Activities:
Upon arrival at Chongqing airport, picked up by our local English speaking tour guide and drive to the hotel. Leisure on your own for the rest of the day. Recommend you walk around the Ciqikou ancient town by yourself.
ChongqingChongqing is located at the juncture of the Yangtze River and Jialing River in the southeast of Sichuan Basin, it is the largest industrial and commercial center in southwest China, and a hub of land and water transportation in the upper Yangtze vall……
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Stiwell Museum: General Joseph Warren Stiwell was chief commander of US forces in the China-Burma-India Theatre during World War II. His contribution to the Burma Road campaign was significant, the local government maintains a museum honoring him.

Day 2  Chongqing (B,L)
Today's Activities:
One day tour to Dazu to visit the Beishan Grottoes and Baoding Grottoes. Dazu Grottoes is a World Cultural Heritage with more than 50,000 Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian rock carvings and 100,000 characters of inscriptions since Tang Dynasty. After the tour drive back to Chongqing. Board the ship for your Yangtze River Cruise in the late evening.
Beishan Hill GrottoBeishan Hill Grotto is located about two kilometers north of Dazu county, Beishan Hill Grotto (beishan shiku) boasts almost ten thousand sculptures first built here in 892 AD and gradually added over the years. At one spot up here, Fowan, there are s……
Baoding Mountain ChongqingBaoding Mountain (baoding shan), is renowned for the examples of stone carving that exist in the grottoes here. This is a Buddhist Mountain and held in high regard by local practicing monks in the area.
Dazu GrottoesIn Dazu County, some 165 kilometers away from Chongqing, are more than 40 sites of stone carvings with over 50,000 statues of Buddha completed from the late Tang Dynasty (618-907) to the Song Dynasty (960-1279).
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Dazu Grottoes: In Dazu County, some 165 kilometers away from Chongqing, are more than 40 sites of stone carvings with over 50,000 statues of Buddha completed from the late Tang Dynasty (618-907) to the Song Dynasty (960-1279).

Day 3  Yangtze Cruise (B,L,D)
Today's Activities:
Arrive Fengdu in the morning. Shore excursion to Fengdu Ghost City (08h00-10h00).
Fengdu Ghost CityFengdu is where the devil lives, according to Chinese legend. They say that spirits go to heaven, and evil goes to Fengdu. The town is overlooked by Ming Shan Hill, home of Tianzi, the King of the Dead. The whole place has an eerie feel to it with de……
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Qutang Gorge: With vertical cliffs of some thousand meters high as its two flanks, the Qutang Gorge is only a few dozens of meters wide just like a narrow gateway. The surging Yangtze River pours into the gateway with great momentum. Looking up towards the tops of towering precipitous mountains along the Gorge, one sees from a boat only a narrow strip of clouds and sky, but under foot the River tears on violently.

Day 4  Yangtze Cruise (B,L,D)
Today's Activities:
Sailing through the beautiful Wu Gorge. Shore excursion to Lesser Three Gorges or Shennong Stream(10h00-13h00).
Shennong StreamShennong Stream is another tributary of the Yangtze River, and its fast-flowing, crystal clear water runs southwards through deep gorges. The stream races past large and small karst caves, flocks of swallows, sheer cliffs, deep gorges, waterfalls, th……
Lesser Three GorgesThe Lesser Three Gorges are the three separate valleys of the Daning River: Dragon Gate Gorge, Misty Gorge and Emerald Gorge. These lie on the lower reaches of the Daning, which flows into the Yangtze. The gorges are truly spectacular. Sheer cliffs s……
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Wu Gorge: Wu Gorge extends 40 kilometers from the mouth of Daning River of Wushan Mountain in the west to Guandukou of Badong in the east. The Wu Gorge is gifted with exquisite peaks and lush mountains and ranges. It's deep and serene with changeable weather. The rolling River twists and turns and boats zigzag their way along, as if cruising in a fantastic gallery.

Day 5  Yichang (B)
Today's Activities:
Shore excursion to The Three Gorges Dam Site (08h00-10h00). Sailing through the shiplocks and the shiplift of the Three Gorges Dam. Arrive in Yichang at 13h00. You will be met by our local tour guide and drive to Yichang airport for your flight (or drive to Yichang train station for your train) to your next destination. Flight/train ticket fee is not included in this package.
The Three Gorges DamThree Gorges Dam, the largest water conservancy project ever undertaken by man and it has been a dream for several generations of Chinese people. It is 2,335 meters long, 185 meters high, 18 meters wide on the top and 130 meters wide at the bottom.
[ Today's Optional ]
Xiling Gorge: Xiling gorge is known for its dangerous rapids, sharp turns, and numerous reefs and shoals. The recent construction of the Gezhouba water control project has helped calm the torrents but the charms of the scenery remain the same.

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