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19 Days China Tibet Overland Tour to Kathmandu

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Day 7  Chengdu (B,L)
Today's Activities:
Visit the Panda Base in the early morning, when the lovely pandas are most active! Many other attractions in Chengdu are cultural relics through centuries. Learn their stories during your visit.
Wenshu MonasteryWenshu Monastery was originally built at this site in the north of the city during the Tang Dynasty. The building today however is a Qing Dynasty construction consisting of an impressive collection of buildings containing some intricate and beautiful……
Du Fu's Thatched CottageDu Fu's Thatched Cottage (Dufu caotang) is the quaint former residence of one of China's most famous poets. The exhibits here include a brief account of Dufu's life and some of his original calligraphy and poems.
Chengdu Panda BaseIn 1987, the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (Research Base) was established on Futou Shan, an almost barren hill, where the soil was poor and not suitable for farming. This first phase of the project only covered an area of 5.5 hectare……
[ Today's Optional ]
Visit a teahouse at night: The life in tea house is one of the most important entertainment for locals. Shufengyayun once was a teahouse, where permance of Sichuan opera, acrobatic show can be seen there. In recent years, Shufengyayun gathers the distinguished actors in Sichuan Province once again and holds Sichuan Opera Unique Skills Performance at night.

Day 8  Chengdu (B,L)
Today's Activities:
Today, we will be driven about 2 hours to Leshan and take a cruise to visit the Giant Buddha carved out of the cliffs at the confluence of the Dadu, Minjiang and Qingyi Rivers. After, you will be driven to Mount Emei to visit Baoguo Temple. You will stay overnight at the foot of Mount Emei.
The Baoguo TempleThe Baoguo Temple (Nation-dedicating Temple) is the first temple one meets along the mountain way and stresses love and patriotism. The temple has the typical structure of Chinese ancient garden covers an area of more than 10 acres. Every yard of th……
Leshan Giant BuddhaLeshan Giant Buddha is one of the most magnificent tourist attractions in Sichuan Province . It's located on the Westside of Xiluan Peak ( Phoenix Perched Peak ) of Mount Lingyun , just east of Leshan City .
[ Today's Optional ]
Sichuan Hotpot: Sichuan Hotpot has its history of at least 1700 years, first eaten by poor boatmen of the Yangtze River. People use some chicken to basic stock, then add many types of mushrooms, vegetables and hot peppers, with many flavorings and seasonings.

Day 9  Chengdu (B,L)
Today's Activities:
We will visit Mt. E'mei. We will drive to Leidongping first, then take the cable car up to visit the Wannian Temple. Drive back to Chengdu in the afternoon. Leisure on your own at the rest of the day.
Wannian TempleThe Wannian Temple of 10000 Years is the oldest surviving Emei Temple (reconstructed in the 9 th century). Its dedicated to the man on the white elephant, the Bodhisattva Puxian, who is the protector of the mountain.
Mount E'meiMT. Emei is about 160 kilometers southwest of Chengdu, Sichuan Province. It extends for over a hundred kilometers and resembles the fine eyebrow of an ancient Chinese beauty from afar.
[ Today's Optional ]
Wide and Narrow Alleys: Wide and Narrow Alleys is a region of three major historical and cultural protected areas, it is known as a "Millennium small Old Chengdu". it is aslo a leisure center for people to relax having some quality time with friends in the mixed old and modern atmosphere. So inside those nicely restored old houses, there are restaurants, pubs, tea houses, coffee shops and stores etc.

Day 10  Chengdu,Lhasa (B)
Today's Activities:
Transferred to Chengdu airport for the flight to Lhasa. Upon arrival at Gonggar airport, you will be met by our local guide and transferred to the hotel (2-hour drive). On the way you will view the Giant Stone Buddha carved into the side of a mountain. After checking into the hotel, the rest of the afternoon is yours to relax and let your body adjust to Tibet's high altitudes.
LhasaLhasa has an elevation of 3650 meters and sits at the center of the Tibet Plateau. It has a history of more than 1300 years. It towers as a huge magnet attracting those who want to explore its culture. Entry into Lhasa allows each traveler the chanc……
[ Today's Optional ]
Tibetan Opera Performance: The Tibetan people are good at singing and dancing. Tibetan opera is called "Ajilamu" in Tibetan which means "sister fairy maiden". It is a kind of public square opera, which has play, vocal music, separate roles, accompanying band and special masks and clothes, and its main form is song and dance.

Day 11  Lhasa (B,L)
Today's Activities:
The rush hour of Potala Palace is 10am, so we highly recommend to register and visit it in the early morning, otherwise you might only see the crowd. Plenty time to stay around the Jokhang Monastery and the Barkhor Street in the afternoon. In fact, if you visit the Ramoche Monastery nearby, you will find more local tea houses, market and civilan houses. This is the local portion of Lhasa.
The Barkhor StreetThe Barkhor Street is Lhasa's inner pilgrim circuit shaped roughly like an octagon that runs around the Jokhang. The circuit is lined with markets, shops, stalls and street vendors providing every conceivable item a Tibetan could need. The best plac……
The Jokhang TempleThe Jokhang Temple is the spiritual centre of Tibet - a destination for millions of Tibetan pilgrims. The oldest part of the temple dates back to the 7th century AD - being one of the two temples built by King Songsten Gampo to house the statues of t……
The Potala PalaceThe Potala Palace is a landmark of Lhasa and Lama Buddism. It is a 13 storey and 1000 rooms' palace and once winter residence of the Dalai Lama. The construction of the present structure began during the reign of the fifth Dalai Lama in 1645 and took……
[ Today's Optional ]
Ramoche Monastery: it is one of the key cultural relic protection sites in Lhasa, located on the north of Barkhor Street, in the area with a local market and many traditional style Tibetan style civilian houses.

Day 12  Lhasa (B,L)
Today's Activities:
Visit Drepong Monastery, one of the most famous monasteries in Lhasa. In the afternoon, a visit to the local Tibetan family is a happy memory. Please prepare some gifts for this family visit, such as candy or chocolate for kids.
The Tibet MuseumThe Tibet Museum, located in the southeastern corner of Norbu Lingka, Lhasa, is the first of its kind in Tibet to be provided with the latest in equipment and facilities. The Tibet Museum was completed and opened in October 1999.
Tibetan Family VisitEvery Tibetan family has been either directly or indirectly affected by the Chinese, Indian and Nepal culture. Family life is one of the most interesting attractions during your stay in Tibet. Common Tibetan people welcome you to their homes, greet y……
The Drepong MonasteryThe Drepong Monastery: a cluster of white buildings resembling a riceheap, against the backdrop of Mount Gyenbuwndze. Founded in 1416, Drepong is the biggest and richest monastery in Tibet that was divided into four Tantric colleges - that specialis……
[ Today's Optional ]
The Sera Monastery: The Sera Monastery lies on the northern edge of Lhasa at the base of Tatipu Hill. 'Sera' means 'merciful hail' denoting its rivalry with the 'Rice Heap' (Drepong) since hail destroys rice. Sera was smaller than Drepong with about 7,000 monks but was very rich and comparable in power.

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