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7 Days Chengdu Highlights Trip

  • Trip highlights: Chengdu has profound historical and cultural heritages. You will be captivated by its historic sites and natural beauty such as Mt. Leshan and Emei as well as Jiuzhaigou.
  • Tour price: From $ 1,289.00 Price including hotels, tours, meals...
  • Destinations: Chengdu
  • Tour code: SWAT301      Private tour for a van with tour guide and driver, available every day
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Day 1  Chengdu
Today's Activities:
Our English speaking tour guide will hold a welcome sign to meet you at Chengdu Airport, and drive to the hotel. Free time in Chengdu.
ChengduThe path of life is slower in Chengdu. Thousands of teahouses dotted about Chengdu are hugely popular with locals, and it reveals a particular attitude towards life: that of acquiring the best service at the least cost. Social demarcation within the……
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Wenshu Monastery: Wenshu Monastery was originally built at this site in the north of the city during the Tang Dynasty. The building today however is a Qing Dynasty construction consisting of an impressive collection of buildings containing some intricate and beautiful art and architecture.

Day 2  Chengdu (B,L)
Today's Activities:
Take the morning flight to Jiuzhaigou & Huanglong airport which is 3474m above sea leave level. Drive to visit Huanglong, which is considered the "Yellow Dragon", to appreciate the breathtaking landscapes. Afterwards continue our driving to Jiuzhaigou. Stay overnight in Jiuzhaigou.
Huanglong ValleyLying at the eastern rim of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau, the Huanglong Valley is remarkable for its karst landscapes. The Huanglong Valley, over 3000 meters above sea level, is located at the southern foot of Xuebaoding, summit of Minshan Mountains ……
[ Today's Optional ]
Sichuan Cuisine: The ideal places to eat Sichuan dishes is on Renmin South Road, which is known for Fish with White Sauce, Three Delicacies Soup, and Chicken Cubes with Peanuts. which is known for Fish with White Sauce, Three Delicacies Soup, and Chicken Cubes with Peanuts. This restaurant and the Qunli Restaurant on Zongfa Street were both patroned by Chairman Mao Zedong.

Day 3  Chengdu (B,L)
Today's Activities:
Today we'll take a whole day sightseeing tour in Jiuzhaigou Valley scenic spot. It was honored by UNESCO as "World Natural Heritage List" in 1992 and "Man and Biosphere Reserve" in 1997, and became the precious wealth commonly owned by all mankind.
JiuzhaigouJiuzhaigou is a narrow strip of lowland, four hundred kilometers long, in the Minshan Mountain Range in Nanping County, northeast Sichuan. It got its name because there are nine Tibetan villages in the valley.
[ Today's Optional ]
Sichuan Hotpot: Sichuan Hotpot has its history of at least 1700 years, first eaten by poor boatmen of the Yangtze River. People use some chicken to basic stock, then add many types of mushrooms, vegetables and hot peppers, with many flavorings and seasonings.

Day 4  Chengdu (B,L)
Today's Activities:
After our breakfast, we'll take about 2 hours driving transfer to Jiuzhaigou & Huanglong airport to catch the morning flight back to Chengdu. Be met at Chengdu airport and drive to your hotel.
JinLi StreetJinli Street in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, was in ancient times one of the busiest of commercial boulevards of the Kingdom of Shu.
[ Today's Optional ]
Visit a teahouse at night: The life in tea house is one of the most important entertainment for locals. Shufengyayun once was a teahouse, where permance of Sichuan opera, acrobatic show can be seen there. In recent years, Shufengyayun gathers the distinguished actors in Sichuan Province once again and holds Sichuan Opera Unique Skills Performance at night.

Day 5  Chengdu (B,L)
Today's Activities:
In the morning, we visit Chengdu Panda Base(the feeding time is 08:00am-08:30am & 14:00pm-14:30pm). Then we drive to Leshan, take a boat ride to see Giant Buhhda. Enjoy the landscape of Chengdu Plain on the way. Afterwards we drive to Mt. E'mei. Stay overnight in the hotel at the foot of Mountain E'mei.
Leshan Giant BuddhaLeshan Giant Buddha is one of the most magnificent tourist attractions in Sichuan Province . It's located on the Westside of Xiluan Peak ( Phoenix Perched Peak ) of Mount Lingyun , just east of Leshan City .
Chengdu Panda BaseIn 1987, the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding (Research Base) was established on Futou Shan, an almost barren hill, where the soil was poor and not suitable for farming. This first phase of the project only covered an area of 5.5 hectare……
[ Today's Optional ]
The Baoguo Temple: The Baoguo Temple (Nation-dedicating Temple) is the first temple one meets along the mountain way and stresses love and patriotism. The temple has the typical structure of Chinese ancient garden covers an area of more than 10 acres. Every yard of the temple is quite different from another by its unique and wonderful landscape with a nearby forest enhancing a sense of tranquility.

Day 6  Chengdu (B,L)
Today's Activities:
Take the cable car up to the Mountain E'mei to visit the Wannian Temple, which located on the right peak of the Lion, is a very well known ancient temple of Mt. Emei. After pay the visit to Wannian temple, drive back to Chengdu.
Wannian TempleThe Wannian Temple of 10000 Years is the oldest surviving Emei Temple (reconstructed in the 9 th century). Its dedicated to the man on the white elephant, the Bodhisattva Puxian, who is the protector of the mountain.
Mount E'meiMT. Emei is about 160 kilometers southwest of Chengdu, Sichuan Province. It extends for over a hundred kilometers and resembles the fine eyebrow of an ancient Chinese beauty from afar.
[ Today's Optional ]
Wide and Narrow Alleys: Wide and Narrow Alleys is a region of three major historical and cultural protected areas, it is known as a "Millennium small Old Chengdu". it is aslo a leisure center for people to relax having some quality time with friends in the mixed old and modern atmosphere. So inside those nicely restored old houses, there are restaurants, pubs, tea houses, coffee shops and stores etc.

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