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Xishuangbanna Attractions

Sightseeing Xishuangbanna


Manting Park

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Manting Park

Manting Park is called Chunhuang as well in local Dai language, means Garden of Spirits. This park is the oldest park in Xishuangbanna, used to be a royal garden of Dai. Many trees and ornamental plants growing in it providing people with a good rest place. Wabajie Temple, the Buddhist temple with the highest status in Xishuangbanna is situated here.

Now, Manting Park is a place where visitors not only enjoy the scenes of a park and a temple but also the traditional culture of the Dai. Buildings, such as the pavilions, possess the distinguished architectural features of the Dai. In the back of the park, there is a temple called Jiebajie in Dai language. It is the most important place for Buddhists in Xishuangbanna to worship Buddhas. Some other various kinds of entertainments are available too, for example, the peacock park where peacocks strut and the elephant park where elephants do acrobatics. As a former royal park, its natural beauty is fascinating with the hard work of the gardeners. The green trees provide visitors cool shade to have a rest. Next to the park is a traditional village of the Dai where visitors could enjoy Dai Cuisine and get to know their tradition and custom.

Evenings there are even more enjoyable. Every night, there is a bonfire party from 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm. During these three hours, visitors will have the chance to watch dances of the Dai, listen to people in traditional Dai costumes playing the Hu Lu Si (a kind of traditional musical instrument).


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