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Tsedang Attractions

Sightseeing Tsedang


Yongbulakang (Yumbu Lakang)

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Yongbulakang (Yumbu Lakang)

Yongbulakang (Yumbu Lakang),  a reconstruction of Tibet's oldest palace originally established on this site by the founder of the Yarlung dynasty - Niechi Zanpu (Nyatri Tsenpo) during the 1st century BC.

Yongbulakang is located in the hinterland of the Yarlung (Yalong) Valley, with the meaning of palace like a doe's leg on a mountain slope. Niechi Zanpu (Nyatri Tsenpo), the first king of Tufan, constructed it in the 2nd century B.C. Some historical records state: "No village was earlier than Yalongsuoka, no king was earlier than Niechi Zanpu, no palace was earlier than Yongbulakang, and no sutra was earlier than Banggongqiajia." This place occupies a significant position in the origins of Tibetan history and culture.

Yungbulakang is also called "the Mosher and Song Holy Hall". Yungbulakang, built in the second century B.C., it is standing on the top of a hill on the east bank of the Yalong River in the southeast of Naidong county.

The castle can be divided into front and back 2 parts. The front part is a 3-storey building, while the back part is a castle like tall building. Enshrined in the shrine are the statues of Thiesung Sangjie Buddha. King Niechi, KingSrontsan Gampo and the Tobu Kings after them. The legend goes that the "mysterious object" was on the roof of the castle, so Tibetan Buddhists regard here as the holy-land.

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