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Sanjiang Attractions

Sightseeing Sanjiang


Chengyang Dong Villages

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Chengyang Dong Villages

Chengyang is 20 km north of Sanjiang, is becoming a popular tourist destination with backpackers.  It is a region traditionally inhabited by the Dong people, bordering Guizhou to the northwest and Hunan to the northeast.

There are 8 Dong villages of Chengyang. The villages are all traditional Dong minority villages. The houses are all made of wood. Inside the villages you will find traditional Drum Towers, which were used to announce important things or simply to perform plays to entertain the village people.

Recommended highlight visits in Chengyang:

The Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge
Before entering the Ma'an Village, there is a big bridge crossing the river, it is the best preserved Wind and Rain Bridge which contains 5 parts. The bridge dates back to the 1920's and is for many people the main reason to visit the village.

There are more bridges when you visit other villages, they are all beautiful, colorful life activities can be witness in the bridges.  Flourishing textile tradition is apparent most everywhere.     More informations of Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge.

Water Wheals along the Linxi River
Huge wooden Water Wheals pumping water from the river for rice paddies, life have not changed for centuries.  Also a good fishing place, the best tim for fishing is in the early morning and late evening.

Ma'an Village
Main attractions are the houses in Dong Village, Diaojiaolou is the name for houses in Dong Village, generally made of China Fir, are two to four story dwellings. In most areas, the upper floors serve as living quarters, while the lower floor is kept for domestic animals and storage.

Drum Towers
Every village has at least one drum tower, the drum tower is the highest and most revered structure in the village. It is traditionally open and spacious for public gathering where the women weave and spin, young children play, and where old folks rest and chat.

The life music of the lusheng show is played at 10h30 per day in summer, it is a show for tourists, worth to take a look, while you might find out the local audiences watching the show with you might be more attractive than the actors and actress, let your camera be ready at any moment.

Dong Ethnic Primary School
Visitors from home and abroad helped to build this school, children are friendly to visitors.  A school visit needed to ask for an apointment with the school authority in advance.

Dong Villages
Zhaoxing      Tang'An      Chengyang     

Culture of Dongs
Sanyuejie Festival      Marriage Customs      Music      New Year      Traditional costumes      Drum Towers      Flower Bridges      Lusheng Festival     
Dong Houses
     Carrying the Governors Parade      Drama     Rice Planting     Traditional Common Law     Worship the Goddess Sa Sui



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Basha Miao Ethnic Village from $389.00
The highlight is Basha, the most spectacular Miao village in this area. We will also visit Longsheng, Sanjiang & Zhaoxing. Stay overnight in the village house, more time for closer touch to villagers.
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