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Jiayuguan Attractions

Sightseeing Jiayuguan


Overhanging Great Wall

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Overhanging Great Wall

The impressive Overhanging Great Wall (Xuanbi changcheng), linking Jiayuguan with the Black Mountain (Hei shan), lies 8km northwest from the Jiayuguan Fort. This part of the Great Wall was first built in 1539 during the reign of the Ming Dynasty emperor, Jiajing. It was designed as an additional military defense for the fort.

Originally this section was 1.5km in length, but it was shortened to the current 750m due to frequent battles by armies to conquer the fort. The existing wall was rebuilt in 1987.

The Overhanging Wall gets its name because there is a 231 meter long section, with an obliquity of 45 degrees, built onto a 150m high ridge. From a distance, it is said to resemble a dragon about to extend its body towards the ground.

Walking along the stairs leading to the city walls, you will find that some parts are flat as plain, while others steep as a precipice. From the top of the Wall you may get a bird's eye view of the desert stretching before you, the oasis of Jiayuguan in the near ground, and the snow-capped mountains far away in the distance.

Different sections of Great Wall
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The Great Wall was built with dirt, stone and bricks. At the top of the Great wall, a roadway paved with three layers of brick connected the watchtowers. The roadways are wide enough to hold ten soldiers side by side.  Trekking on Great Wall offers an interesting climb and great views, it can be quite exhausting to reach the top. Nevertheless, if possible, try to avoid going on a national holiday or at the weekend.

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