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Dunhuang Attractions

Sightseeing Dunhuang


Dunhuang Shopping

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Dunhuang Shopping

There is another interest to travel and shopping in Dunhuang, you not only can buy adoring special products and handicraft products which you like, but also can hear a lot of beautiful legends which the stand lord speak. The well-known shopping places inside Dunhuang City have: Feitian Market, Tianma Market, Gongxiao Market, Shazhou Market, the comprehensive market in Nanguan, Sufangzai ...etc.

The Shazhou Market locates in Yangguan East Road, there are the special crystal stone, glasses, crystal type jewelry, the white camel of jade, silk carpet in Dunhuang, statues, mural reproduction, luminous cup, wax dye dress etc., they are feast for the eyes, provide everything, and you can chop down the price. But when buying, you should notice to choose, particularly some packings elegant mural slice, they almost can be true with disorderly in shape.

Some more famous shopping places

Stores Name
Main products
Luminous cup factory in Dunhuang City
No.11 of Yangguan East Road of Dunhuang City
Luminous cup
Carpet factory of Dunhuang City
No.24 of Danghe North Road of Dunhuang City
Handicraft carpets, silk carpets
Calligraphy and Painting Hospital of Dunhuang
No.36 of Mingshan Road of Dunhuang City
Glasses factory of Dunhuang
No.8 of Shazhou North Road of Dunhuang City
Crystal stone glasses
Yueyaquan craft factory
Yueyaquan Village of Yangjiaqiao Country
Handicraft products
Guolu Store of Dunhuang
No.32 of Mingshan Road of Dunhuang City
Handicraft products
Folk Museum
Yueyaquan Village of Yangjiaqiao Country
Calligraphy, handicraft products
Mogao Hole Craft Art Store
Mogao Hole View District
Calligraphy, books and periodicals
Museum Store
No.8 of Yangguan East Road of Dunhuang City
Curio, calligraphy



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