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Chengdu Attractions

Sightseeing Chengdu


Wangjiang Park

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Wangjiang Park

Wangjiang Park is one of the significant parks of the city that attracts large number of inhabitants of the city as well as the tourists visiting the city. It is famous for Wangjiang Tower, which located on the southbank of the Jinjiang River in Chengdu. It is one of the three famous cultural relics in Chengdu along with the Temple of the Marquis of Wu and the Du Fu's Thatched Cottage.

Wangjiang Park was developed in memory of Xue Tao, who was a Tang Dynasty female poet who loved bamboo and had written many poems in this park. A Woman in the past lacked social status and therefore it is all the more fascinating. Visitors at the Wangjiang Tower in Chengdu can enjoy tea made from Xue Tao Well water, read poems and couplets left by celebrities, and become intoxicated by the ethereal surrounding.

Wangjiang tower is open from 8a.m till 5p.m everyday. It is rumored that Xeu Tao who was a female poet of Tang Dynasty once took the well water here, made poem labels and left many moving poems. Some buildings such as Chongli Pavilion, Zhuojin Building, Ruanqian Station, Wuyunxian Building, Liubei Pond, Quanxiangxie etc. were built up in Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. The greatest building in the Wangjianglou Park is the Wangjianglou, called Chongli Pavilion, which is a four-floor structure 39 meters in height, with the two lower floors laid out on a square plan and the two upper floors assuming a pentagonal shape. The building's beauty of architectural detail is entailed in its sumptuous look. Right beside the tower is the well from which the celebrated Tang dynasty woman poet, Xue Tao, fetched water.

Wangjiang Park is not only renowned for its natural beauty; it is also a historically significant place. The highlight of the park is its forests boasting of 100 varieties of bamboo. You will be enthralled as you walk beside the yellow columns of bamboo; you can also hear the exquisite sound when the green leaves sway with the wind. And if you are tired of walking, you can always take rest under the wonderful shade created by the green leaves of the bamboo trees. All the bamboo trees overlook the calm and serene Jin River that was once considered to be the symbol of Chengdu.


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