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Zhangjiajie Attractions

Sightseeing Zhangjiajie


Tianzi Mountain

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Tianzi Mountain

Tianzi Mountain is a typical sandstone formation, characterized by a multitude of densely gathered peaks, enjoying a reputation as "the king of all mountains". Most notably, almost half of the 3103 peaks of Zhangjiaje can be viewed from this lofty stage. It is not just an ordinary place: it is a "forest" of mountains, a "kingdom" of peaks, and a "sea" of summits! In bygone days, the elderly would say, "Once you have seen the five holy mountains, you will lose interest in all others, but once you have viewed Huangshan Mountain, the five holy mountains will lose their allure. "However, today's experienced travelers exclaim, "Once you behold the awesome face of Tianzi Mountain, it is unnecessary to venture elsewhere!"

Tianzi Mountain is named after Xiang Dakun who led the local farmers' revolt and called himself Tianzi, the Son of Heaven. Bounded by Suoxi Valley on the east, Zhangjiajie on the south, Sangzhi County on the north, Tianzi Mountain is one of the four scenic zones in Wulingyuan.

Tianzi Mountain lies on the highest point of "Golden Triangle", its highest point being 1262.5m (Kunlun peak) and lowest point being 534m (Shilan valley). It has an area of 67 square kilometers, a touring line of 45 kilometers, an average temperature of 12℃, an annual waterfall of 1800 mm, a frost-free period of 240 days and a frozen period of 60-80 days. Except a layer of limestone and a few areolas stones at the peak, some hundred meters above sea level, the majority of scenic spots is formed of quart stones, belonging to sandstone ground feature which is the same as Suoxiyu Valley and Zhangjiajie. The 500-meter or 600-meter thick quartzite sandstone has evolved from nektonic rocks that subsided from oceans 380,000,000 years ago and after a complicated and long process formed strangely shaped spectacles.

There are at least 3 approaches to Tianzi Mountain, the first is from Bailong Elevator, after elevator people take 45 minutes bus to Tianzi Mountain; the second is to take cable car at the lower cable station, 10 minutes cable take you to the top and then from the up cable station, 3 minutes bus transfer you to the center of Tianzi Mountain (Helong park), regular tour group usually spend 2 hours to do sightseeing on the top and then take cable way back down. Some people spend a whole day on the top to see more places such as Dianjiang Platform, Shengtang Gulf and Immortal Bridge.

The landscape in Tianzi Mountain is natural and primeval. Every scenic spot is created by nature and of no artificial trace. There are not only primeval forests and beautiful water but also plain folkways, special customs and local specialties and delicacies awaiting tourists from home and abroad. No wonder people make comments, like "people who have climbed Tianzi Mountain will not climb any other mountains" and "It can not be said that you have been to Wulingyuan without reaching Tianzi Mountain".


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