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Urumqi Attractions

Sightseeing Urumqi


International Grand Bazaar

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International Grand Bazaar

In Urumqi, a bazaar is more than just a place to buy things. It offers locals a place to enjoy the flavour of a festival, to have a rest and to meet with friends. People barter goods, exchange information, and even gossip at the bazaar market.

It is said that the word 'bazaar' came from Persia, meaning things outside of the one's home, thus people can talk all they want to talk at the market.  Walking in Urumqi, one can find many busy bazaar markets, big or small.

The Grand International Bazaar is the biggest and thus the most famous in Urumqi. Each time, there are over 10,000 people going the market.

In the old days, when the days of bazaars come, residents rush into the bazaar, some driving their animal carts, some riding bicycles, motorcycles, or on foot.

They barter their farm products and daily used items in the bazaar. But these simple bartered goods do not need whole households to spend a whole day. However, people like to go to bazaar, for it's like a small festival every several days.

In bazaars, one can have roasted meat, cool noodles, sweet yoghurt or home-made ice cream, smoke Mohe cigarettes, gossip, joke with old acquaintances; all these factors constitute a picture of the ethnic group.

From a mere economic prospective, the bazaar is also the primitive economical communication pattern. However, bazaar with its essence—mutual exchanges of needs, has always been a model during the development of Xinjiang's modern foreign trade.

Today the bazaar here is also a morden one, with special national style, never fail to attract millions of businessmen and travelers every day. It's like a library and an episode, wonderfully expressing the advantage and potential of Xinjiang's international trade.

The Dinner Show at The Grand International Bazaar
The life dinner show is the highlights in Urumqi, it a major production with a cast of 300 singers and dancers from Uygur, Kazak, Turkoman and Han Ethnic. The stand out performer also includes the background Islam style mosque, pavilions, shopping halls. The lighting is truly amazing.  The local people are standing everywhere, watching the show with you together.  They are part of show, too.  Prepare your camera, be ready for a good picture in every second. Ticket rate: RMB 188 per person

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