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Pingyao Attractions

Sightseeing Pingyao


Wang's Family Compound

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Wang's Family Compound

Wang Family's Compound (in Chinese is Wang Jia Taiyuan) is situated in Jingsheng Town, Lingshi County, Shanxi Province. 150 km away from Taiyuan, 12 km east of static or famous historical and cultural towns. The world's cultural heritage from the ancient city of Pingyao 35 km, 4 km scenic area Mianshan Jiexiu, Shanxi Province in recent years is the "city, mountains, a hospital" for the advantage, launched a boutique tourist routes. Tongpu Railway, 108 National Longitudinal County, Dayun exit of the expressway from the Lingshi Wang Jia Taiyuan two kilometers, the transportation is very convenient.

It is at the same tourist line as Yungang Grotto of Datong, Jinci Temple of Taiyuan, Ancient City of Pingyao and Hukou Waterfall, with very favorable traffic of railways and highways. Wang's Grand Courtyard is an example of Chinese civil residence architecture of Qing Dynasty; with a total area of up to 0.15 million sq.m.

Wang Family's Compound is the master of the Qing Dynasty residential construction, from the history of Lingshi County Sidajiazu Wang Taiyuan, one of the descendants - static or Wang Yu Qing Emperor Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong and Jiaqing years has built. The three huge architectural complexes of Gaojiaya, Red-Gate Fort and Fort Chongning, Piety-righteousness Ancestral Temple now opened up as "Chinese Civil Residence Art House" and "Wang's Museum" were built in the periods of kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong and Jiaqing of Qing Dynasty, covering 80,000 sq.m, with 123 large and small compounds and 2078 houses.

Gaojiaya, Red-Gate Fort, the Fort Chongning, three groups of buildings connected Bijian, the loess slopes were closed the whole castle-like building. Appearance, should be of-potential, both God-shaped legislation; inside, the cave tile-roofed house, cleverly Lianzhui. Profound spectacular, skillfully placed to day workers. In apparent size-fits in the ever-changing, in the north to maintain the traditional houses common at the same time, demonstrating their outstanding personality charisma. The general features are: potential on the hillside, with the shape changed, the floor stacked homes, Cuolayouzhi, the momentum of the grand and functional, basically inherited the Western Zhou Dynasty, China has already formed before the sleep after the court yard style, coupled with Jiangxinduyun The Zhuandiao, wood carving, stone carving, decorative elegance, has rich connotations, practical and beautiful, exotic and into North and South, is of high cultural taste.

Gaojiaya Buildings
Gaojiaya buildings within the two main centres are three-style courtyard, in addition to every hospital has a place for ancestral worship hall and the soaring of Xiulou Liangxiang, there are the kitchen of their respective homes, Keio Hospital, and have a common College, Flower Hospital, permanent homes, Wai Hospital (Jiading house). Wai tight wall surrounding homes, four local conditions, both large and small courtyards Zhulianbihe, independent Chengzhang, or hidden or are, a wide variety of portal, to give the hospital a hospital, the doors in the maze of sets of doors feeling. Now, high Jiaya the hospital halls and rooms, in accordance with the "Zunbei grade, Guijian grade, from top to bottom in an orderly manner, Chang You have Fallon, Neiwaiyoubie" the feudal system at the situation, Jing Wang's family history or have been handed down Jiashi the large number of items have been categorized and displayed in them, Wang was basically restored the historical character.

Red Gate Fort
Red Gate Fort the overall layout of buildings, both hidden a "King" character, and by-laws will form the dragon. In addition to sleep before the court after the compound, the order to comply with the topography, also part of contingency for the former Park backyard. Some of the magnificent homes, some song You compact. Its brick, wood, stone three birds, some from the Qianlong due to the early, simple wild, retained the Ming Dynasty style, with the majority of high Jiaya, are an example of the Qing Dynasty Fanmi slim. Red Door East Fort established in the top three Chinese Wang museums, is currently the only Wang's family at home and abroad Heritage Museum.

Fort Chongning
Fort buildings Chongning the overall architecture and Red Door Fort similar to the construction image as "the tiger lying West Kong," the layout of the compound, the overall construction of high slope Xie Yi, Yang hold negative Yam, Fort towering wall, the compound varies, ancient wild, nearly In the Ming Dynasty style. Chongningbaonei set up in the "Group of the Museum of Fine Arts," a display of well-known version of Lingshi membership contemporary artists of the group, all the works of the group is the crystallization of the overall artistic image, it will after the world-historical and literary Sector have a profound impact.

Wang Ancestral Hall at the upper and lower houses, functional and elegant design, Temple before Jingdiaoxike "Xiaoyi Square." Zongci Wang's ancestors as the soul of Habitat homes, since 1998, she has tens of thousands of overseas tourists and descendants have this Baizujingxiang.

Wang Family's Compound in China's outstanding cultural heritage of traditional architecture and art treasures residential areas, opening up the past 10 years, at home and abroad had a tremendous impact and was widely hailed as "the first Chinese residential housing", "China's nongovernmental National Palace Museum" and " Shanxi's Forbidden City. " In addition, there is a very wide spread the word - "Wang Guilaibukan hospital."

Wang Family's Compound is closely watched video filming base, in recent years has "Canghaisangtian 100 years", "river town", "Commissioner of the events of the past" and "boil" and "Heroes of the Luliang Prefecture" and other TV dramas in this Shi Yubu Shooting. Zhu Rongji, Wei Jianxing, Wang Zhaoguo, Ren Jianxin, and so at that time and now a group of party and state leaders as well as internationally renowned scholars Luo Zhewen, Zheng Xiaoxie, Nguyen-3, Yu, Wang Lu Xiang, such as inspection, inspection Wang Jia Taiyuan, the inscription Fushi are pleased to writing articles, giving a high appraisal.

Now, the family-tree collection pavilion has been basically well prepared, ready fo opening to tourists and the calligraphy and painting house and jewellery house have been opened to the tourists.

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