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Travel to Nanning
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Nanning dining


Nanning Food

Nanning dining


Food in Nanning

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Food in Nanning

Nanning's dishes belong to the Guangdong Cuisine, mainly featuring light taste, but stressing freshness, delicacy, crispiness, smoothness and nutrition, varying with the seasons. There are many restaurants offering local special foods in Nanning, such as game dishes, seafood and ethnic food. The ethnic restaurants serve dozens of dishes including the Dong uttered Tea. Zhuang Glutinous Rice Cake and Yao Bamboo Chicken, etc.

When you're in Nanning it would be a pity not to try the local food specialties: Rice wrapped in lotus leaf (Heye mifan) and Ali dog hotpot (Ali gourou huoguo) are the must in summer and autumn respectively. So close to Vietnam, Vietnamese food, such as noodles, soups and burgers are also popular.

Nanning Snacks
Nanning snacks have a long history and have various kinds. Emperor Qianlong Pot-Boiled Beef Flour, Shuang Ji Yushengjidi Gruel, Zeng's big Zong with Meat and Green Beans, Li Zifan Sticky Rice Dumpling and Chengxiang Garden Tea House are jointly called "Five Brave Generals" of Nanning Snacks.

Old Friend Noodle
Flour, Garlic powder, Fermented Soy Bean, Hot Pepper, Sour Bamboo Shoots, Minced Beef, Pepper Powder .Appetite-stimulating, expelling coldness

Baxian Rice Flour
Over 8 Kinds of Game Food, Sea Food and Season Vegetables .Delicious, smooth, and coolGanlao Rice Flour .Rice Plasm, Barbecued Pork, Minced Meat, Green Garlic, Fried Peanut, Sauces, Sesame Oil Fragrant, sour, crisp and sweet, tasty but not oily

Rolling Rice Flour
Thin Cake of Rice Plasm, Minced Meat, Green Garlic, Sauces, Sesame Oil Soft, smooth and tasty

Eight-Treasure Glutinous Rice Pudding
Glutinous rice, Edible Oil, Mung Bean, Lily, Lotus Seed, White Nut, Honeyed Jujube, Shanhuangpi, Candied Melon .Fragrant and smooth, sweet but not greasy

(Type) Muscle Congee, Sauced Pork Congee, Fish Slice Congee, Red Bean Congee, Preserved Egg Congee Fragrant and delicious

Sour dish
Pawpaw, Radish, Cucumber, Lotus Root, Coconut, Pineapple, Sour Vinegar, Hot Pepper, Sugar .Fragrant, sour, sweet and hot, crisp and delicious, appetite stimulating

Lemon Duck
Duck, Sour Hot Pepper, Sour Mustard Head, Sour Ginger, Sour Lemon, Sour Plum, Ginger, Garlic Paste, Salted Bean, Sesame Oil Suitably sour and hot, delicious and tasty, extremely appetite stimulating

Live Fish
Living rass Carp, Peanut Oil, Sour Mustard Head, Sour Hot Pepper, Sour Ginger, Sour Plum, Sour Lemon, Ginger, Green Garlic, several kinds of coriander Delicious, crisp and tasty

Sucking Fresh Water Snail
Fresh Water Snail, ginger, Wine, Garlic Power, Purple Su Delicious.

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