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Nanning Attractions

Sightseeing Nanning


Qingxiu Mountain

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Qingxiu Mountain

Qingxiu Mountain Tourism Area is located in the southeast of Nanning city. The park is named by its famous Qing Xiu mountain. The mountain is stretching from its southern border near the Yong River to the northern margin defined by Phoenix peak and Bronze drum peak. The Qingxiu mountain range is the "green lung" of Nanning City.

The whole area consists of 18 hills between 83 m and 289 m in altitude above sea level. The tourism area covers 4.5 square kilometres. A further extension to 22 square kilometres is planned in the near future. The water covered area is 14667 square metres; the green area covers 25000 square metres.

The most important scenic spots inside the park are: Tianci Lake, Dongquan Spring, Phoenix Pagoda, Dragon Elephant Pagoda, China-Thailand friendship Garden, Yao Pool.

Qingxiu Mountain range is renowned for its beauty and the clear waters which run through it. Qingxiu Mountain has a long history. According to Annals of Nanning, during Jin Dynasty, a Taoist priest named Luoxiu made pills of immortality in the mountain. From then on, numerous writers, poets and scholars came to visit it and made it known throughout the country.

Over 400 hectares of green forests cover this mountain. Walking through the Qingxiu Mountain scenic area is like walking into greenery undulating mountains are covered with luxuriant vegetation and their slopes with green carpets. Ornamental plants flourish in a pretty, deliberate disorder in its valleys and by the pools. Its Palm Park is the largest palm plantation in China. The Dragon and Elephant Pagoda, a nine-storey pagoda that thrusts up 51 meters, is the highest pagoda in Guangxi. From the top of the pagoda one can have wonderful panoramic view of Nanning, with pine-covered mountains on one side and the urban area on the other. The two opposites are separated by the Yongjiang River, which winds its course through the land like a jade ribbon.

Now, it's a famous attraction spot of Guangxi and today Qingxiu mountain itinerary includes following scenic spots: Shuiyue Nunnery, Longxiang Pagoda (Dragon and Elephant Pagoda) and Fenghuang Pagoda (Phoenix Pagoda), Shuiyue Nunnery. It is a religion architecture with an area of 2,200 square meters, including the Damen Hall, the Grand Hall, the Hall of Goddess of Mercy and the Hall of Jade Buddha. In front of us is the Grand Hall where Sakymuni8 is enshrined. On the right side of it is the Hall of Jade Buddha and the left side is the Hall of Goddess of Mercy. The whole architecture is majestically graced with yellow-glazed9 tiles and vermilion10 wall. In China, a lot of imperial architecture is graced with yellow-glazed tiles and vermillion walls, which emblems11 wealth, dignity and authority of emperors.

The main sights in Mt. Qingxiu is ancient Longxiang Pagoda. This pagoda was first built in the reign of Emperor WanLi of Ming Dynasty (1619). However, this is not the original one, but a reproduction13, rebuilt by Nanning Government from 1981 to 1985. About 53 meters high, it's a nine-story pagoda shaped in octagonal, graced with green-glazed tiles and overhung eaves14 on the top storey, form which we can get a full view of Nanning City. Fenghuang Pagoda. This five-story pagoda was built in 1988, with a height of 32 meters. The second floor looks like a corridor where visitors can take a rest and enjoy the beautiful scenes around it. Behind the pagoda, we found a flight of steps15 made by granite16, which is called "Bagua (Eight Trigram) Step". Upon the railings lies on the both side are the sculptured17 figures, flowers and birds of Zhuang minority.

Qingxiu Mountain is a stress during the development of Nanning City. In addition to the saving and restoring of the historic sites, some new sights were established. Thailand Garden is the fruit of the exchange and cooperation between Nanning and a city of Thailand, which was designed by a Thai architect. Strolling in the garden, flavored with Thai accents; you may taste the exotic glamour. Also it is convenient that there are cable cars for you to appreciate the landscape of lakes and mountains.


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