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Nanning Attractions

Sightseeing Nanning


Attractions in Wuming Country

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Attractions in Wuming Country

Wuming Country is 45km (28 miles) from Nanning. Wuming County, subordinate to Nanning City, is one of the cradlelands of the Zhuang culture. The county seat of Wuming County is only 37 km away from Nanning City. The Zhuang people account for 80% of the total population in Wuming County. The Zhuang culture is rich in folktales and decorated by various colorful festivals. The tourism resources in Wuming county are mainly concentrated in Yiling Cave and Xijiangyuan Scenic Spots where there are not only unique Karst water-eroded cave scenery but also classical garden landscapes. And, these scenery and landscapes are always accompanied by attractive fairy tales and legends.

Yiling Cave
Yiling Cave is located 32 kilometers from Nanning, in Wuming Country of Guangxi province. This is a karst cave. And it was developed as a tourist spot and opened in 1975. The Yiling Cave covers an area of over 24 square kilometers and has a path travel route 1,100 meters long. The cave path winds upward in a spiral way and the highest point is 45 meters. The whole cave is like a strange and magical fairy palace.

Yiling Cave (Yiling Yan) is one of the many attractions in rural areas of Nanning. It's not only the cave that one usually visits - there's a package which will bring you to experience the cultures of one of the minority tribes ie the Zhuang minority tirbe.

The Yiling Cave, also called "Gan Palace" in Zhuang language which means a place as beautiful as a palace, has its name for its location in the Yiling village.

History of Yiling Cave
It is said that during Kaixi and Jiading periods of Southern Song dynasty(1205-1224), there was a monk called Zhou Shiqing who build a Buddhist convent here and cultivated himself into a fairy. Thus Yiling Cave also called the Fairy-Watching Cave by the later generation who also built the Jianxian Temple on the mountain top. Located in the Liangman Mountain, the cave was a section of underground which became a cave because of the movement of the earth shell. After ten million years’ dissolution, different kinds of stalactites, stalagmites, stelaes are formed in thousands of postures in the cave to create wonderful, amazing and mysterious views. Like a whelk, it is 45 meters in depth and has an area of 24000sq.m, divided into three levels, winding and changing all the time. Visitors can fully get the knowledge of the culture, history and folkway of Zhuang minority in the cultural corridor of Zhuang built in this scenic spot.

Transportation: Take the Nanning-Wuming bus in Anji Bus Station to get there. The cost is about RMB 15 per person.
Opening time: 8:00a.m - 17:00p.m

Spirit Water Lake (Lingshui)
Spirit Water Lake, forty-six kilometers north of Nanning, occupies an area of five thousand square meters and is two to three meters deep. Springs emerging from stone cracks at the bottom of the lake form jets of water droplets, like strings of pearls, above the surface. The lake can be used for swimming all year long because the temperature of its clear green water remains at about 23ºC (73.4ºF) despite the season. Visitors to Spirit Water Lake can also enjoy the season.

Visitors to Spirit Water Lake can also enjoy the nearby Crab Hill (PANGXIESHAN), Wolf's Tooth Pass (Langyakou), and Nine-Layer Cliff (Jiucengpi).

Daming Mountain
Daming Mountain is lying in the northeast of Wuming Country, 104 kilometers away from Nanning on the east of No. 210 national highway. The mountain runs from northwest to southeast with 100 kilometers in length and 25 kilometers in width. Daming Mountain is one part of the arc mountain ranges lying in the center part of Guangxi. The main peak of Daming Mountain is the highest peak in south-middle Guangxi with an altitude of 1764 meters.

With the average altitude of 1200 meters and the 190-meter food of mountain, it has 16℃ as the average temperature of the year. Influenced by south Asian tropical wind and local topography, the temperature in the upper mountain is 8-10℃ lower than that at the mountain foot. The clear changing of seasons shows the fog in spring, waterfall in summer, cloud in autumn, and snow in winter, all of these terrific landscapes gain the fame of  "Guangxi's Lu Mountain" for itself.

The main sightseeing spots are: the fantastic peak with secluded valley, waterfall in deep mountains and new appearance of Zhuang villages. At the foot of mountain, there are ancient stone walls built for battles and the tombs built in Shang and Zhou Dynasty in the eastside.

Due to the special conditions of topography and clime, a large natural ecological system exists in the mountain. There are more than 1700 species of plants and more than 40 species of animals. It is a natural zoological and botanical garden.


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