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Kunming Attractions

Sightseeing Kunming



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Jiuxiang Scenic Region is located in Jiuxiang Yi and Hui Autonomous Township of Yliang county 90km. away from Kunming and have 47km. away from downtown Yiliang. In Yunnan Province it is a well equipped comprehensive scenic region which is famous for its caves, mountains, rivers, deep valleys, minority customs and cultures.

With the largest cave group in Yunnan Province, Jiuxiang has won a good reputation as 'the Home of Caves'. There are more than a hundred caves, of which more than 60 are profitably exploitable. It is named by some cave experts 'the Cave Museun' due to its various types and features. The Jiuxiang Cave system, which consists of valleys, avens, underground streams, and a grand hall, is quite similar to the cave group in the plateau in Yugoslavia, a world heritage by Nature. In 1995, Jiuxiang was admitted as a member by the International Caves Association.

Jiuxiang is rich not only in varied scenic spots and minority customs, but also in special and precious animal and plant resources. Many things have been found in the nearby caves, including some ancient animal fossils of tens of thousands of years ago, the ruins of some ancients living caves of ten thousand years ago and the stone artifacts in the Old Stone Age. In the Alulong Valley in the west of Jiuxiang the cliff inscriptions of the Qin and the Han Dynasties have also been found. Jiuxiang, the birth place of the Yi people, has a strong minority custom color, a long cultural history, and widely spread old myths and tales. They include the Hunting Festival, the Worship of White Dragon Festival, love song contest, bullfighting, wrestling, minority plays, Sanxuan dance, Rattle Stick Dance,etc.

The Jiuxiang Cave-group is in dolomite rock formed 60 million years ago. For about 6.5 million years, because of the crustal movement, a variety of karst topography was formed in Jiuxiang. 2.5 million years ago, a strong new construction movement increased the rising between the plates and made the regional erosion level to descend. The strong river erosion promoted the formation of a series of deep valleys.

The Jiuxiang caves are karst caves which are formed by the intermittent rising movements. During the long period of formation, the so-called 'pre-history wonders' were formed, and they include a variety of hydrological and geological wonders such as the ancient ocean micro-biological fossils, curved stones, caves with whirpools inside, the stereoscopic caves and multi-layered caves.Among them are some rare wonders that can hardly be seen at home and abroad. The blind fish (the scientific term is 'Golden Thread Fish'), which has been found in the underground water caves, belongs to a tare fish species which is now under provincial protection.

Jiuxiang Scenic Region consists of five major scenic spots:Diehong Bridge, the Sanjiao Cave, the Dasha Dam, the Alulong and the Mingyue Lake. Amongthem, the most outstanding and beautiful is Diehong Bridge Scenic Spot whose construction has already been finished and is open to the public.

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