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Kashgar Attractions

Sightseeing Kashgar


Eid Kah Mosque

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Eid Kah Mosque

Lies in the center of the Kashar, is a large-scale Islamic struture, it has over 500 years' history till now. In 1442 A.D., Shaksmirzha, the ruler of Kahsigar, had the mosque here at first and say prayers to the souls of his deceased relatives. Later by extending and repairing past dynasties and became into current form and scale. The mosque is made up of Hall of Prayer¸ the Doctrine Teaching Hall¸ the gate tower¸ a pond and some other auxiliary structures, from south to north is 140 meters long¸ from east to west is 120 meters wide, total area is 16,800 square meters.

The gate, built of yellow brick with the joint of brick work with pointed with gypsum, has distinct lines. On both sides of the gate are eighteen-meter high round brick columns half embedded in the wall. On top of the columns stands a tower where the imam would call out loudly at dawn very to wake up the Muslims and summon them to attend service in the mosque. In the tree-graced courtyard, there is a pond, and on its bank many pottery pots are placed, which are to be used by the Islam believers to clean their bodies. The main hall with wide eaves is 160 meters long and 16 meters wide. The hall's ceiling, with fine wooden carvings and colorful flower-and-plant painting patterns, is supported by one hundred carved wooden columns.

EId Kah Mosque is the largest mosque in China and the religious center of Kashgar. The call to Prayer booming from the mosque can be heard throughout the city center. This is a rare thing in Socialist China. The ornate structure of today (renovated and expanded) is based on the original mosque which was built in 1442 for Shakesirmirzha, the ruler of Kashgar. The mosque, constructed of yellow brick, is easily recognizable from its dominant spot on the west side of Id Kah Square.

This grand Islamic structure is a stark contrast to the many Chinese-style mosques in Xi'an. It is grand Islamic style reflects the traditional artistic characteristics of the Uygur people. This yellow-and-white structure has a central dome and flanking minarets, which usually associated with mosques in Pakistan or Afghanistan.

Being one of the largest in china, it attracts more than 10,000 worshipers for prayers on a Friday afternoon. The different buildings consist of Hall of Prayer, Doctrine-Teaching Hall, a gate tower, a pond and some auxiliary rooms.

As long as it is not prayer time or religious holidays, tourists are allowed into the mosque. When you visit mosques, you should always remember that both men and women should always have their arms and legs fully covered. The best time to visit is probably early to mid-morning when there are few worshippers here.

As the center of religious activity in Kashgar, the area is typically full of pilgrims who have come to worship at the mosque. Sometimes, these pilgrims have religious activities right outside the temple, where they whip themselves into a frenzied dance accompanied by musicians playing from balconies of the Id Kah mosque.

The Sunday Bazaar of Kashgar can be found by walking in a southwesterly direction from Id Kah Square. Other markets are also in the surrounding streets, such as a carpet market and a hat market. See our shopping overview for more.

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