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Kaifeng Attractions

Sightseeing Kaifeng


Imperial Song Street

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Imperial Song Street

During the heady days of the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD), when the city flourished as both the capital and a major trading post on the famous silk road, Kaifeng was famed for its illustrious architecture and opulent citizens.

The original Imperial Street was the very passage constructed for the emperor. It started from Xuande Gate of the Imperial Palace, via Zhou Bridge and Zhuqiu Gate, and ended at Nanxun Gate, totaling over five kilometers. Walking along the current street, at first sight you can see the high horizontal tablets and shop signs. Watch these tablets and sighs closely, and you will find they are actually from Song Dynasty's historical recordings as well as the couplets hung on the sides of the gates of the shops. The shops in the current street mainly sell local products, traditional goods and antiques.

The new Song Imperial Street (Song jie), recreating, in miniature, the original route, is built partly on the original site of the Palace. It starts from Xinjie Mouth, and ends at Wuzhao Gate, over 400 meters long. Although it is not as long as the original one, its large scale is rare at home. At the southern end of this street erects a tall memorial archway in front of which is a carved elephant ridden by a warrior with a spear in his hand. In this street there are shops and stores which run local products, antiques, etc. Walking down this street reminds you of the prosperous scene of Kaifeng in the Song Dynasty.

The street is entered by an arch at the southern end, and is clustered with shops and restaurants, including a couple of good art and nice curio shops. Most of the commodities sold here are travelers' souvenirs such as Henan specialties, artifacts, calligraphy, New Year pictures and traditional paintings. All of the shopping assistants are dressed in traditional Song Dynasty costume.


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