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Kaifeng Attractions

Sightseeing Kaifeng


Dragon Pavilion (Long Ting)

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Dragon Pavilion (Long Ting)

Dragon Pavilion is the main part of Dragon Pavilion Park located in the northwest of Kaifeng City, where six dynasties located their capitals. The site where Dragon Pavilion is located is the site of many dynasties' imperial palaces and reached its height of prosperity in the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127). Then, most of the constructions were destroyed through wars.

Over a thousand years ago, the area of the present-day Long Ting ("Dragon Pavilion") Park in Kaifeng, Henan Province, was the Office of the Border General of the Xuanwu Army of the Tang (CE 618-907) Dynasty. During the Later Liang (CE 907-923) Dynasty of the Five Dynasties (CE 907-960) period, the site was reconstructed into the imperial palace and named Jiangchang Palace. During the Later Jin (CE 936-946), Later Han (CE 947-950) and Later Zhou (CE 951-960) Dynasties, the site was still the imperial palace, but under a different name: Daning Palace. During the Northern Song (CE 960-1127) Dynasty, a forbidden imperial palace was built here, and thus the area became inaccessible and declined in importance.

Dragon Pavilion, together with other scenic beauties, makes up the Dragon Pavilion Park. This area is the most famous and the largest scenic spot in Kaifeng, with an area of 0.87 square kilometers (214 acres). So it is a must-see when traveling to Kaifeng.


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