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Huangshan Attractions

Sightseeing Huangshan


Hukaiwen Ink Factory

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Hukaiwen Ink Factory

Ink Stone Factory is the most important part of "Four Treasures of the Study". Because of its solid texture, ink stone can be handed down from ancient times. The Ink Stone Factory in Hangshan is one of the most famous ink stone factories in China, where you can see the whole working process.

The "Hukaiwen" from the Manchu dynasty's qinglong 47 years (A.D.1782) are from the jixi person hutingzhu for noting creating since then, already have for 2 more than 100 yearsing of day. In1910 done with meticulous care "the Earth" at Panama international exposition exhibition also get the gold quality the medal.

Precursor that jixi the Hukaiwen ink industry the limited company to namely rise a "Hukaiwen the old store of text" be opened by Jixi each characters of Hukaiwen lin is with the workshop private match the to constitute. Calligraphy and painting soot material in 98 year County the factory open the text ink the factory with county hu incorporative empress, have from smoke to the systemink finished product integral whole system. The company establishes to have the the smoke, system the the mold, beat the the gold etc. The preface of more than ten production works with the soot material that an equipments assort with the tablet physics and chemistry examination center. The company owns clear and pure since then the precious mold of the expert artistic eight thousand odds pay, and more than 1 1000 specieses, product was registered by national trademark bureau trademark "the wear the room", in 1983 to the of the 1987 prize of national and high-quality product gold. Company series the product choose the strict, work the make, and the pure soot, natural musk of, adoption of technique wait 16 precious medicine's refined but have got the good race tradition with the special art style, have the black of color and luster, for many years not paper is such as the paint, lustrous living the light, long more good.

Characteristics is the craft art work of the calligraphy and painting essential to have. 98 years again developped the pure soot hushi series "hushi soot the ink", the "hukaiwen ink", the "hukaiwen the clerk painting lik the", "Chinese calligraphy and painting lnk" the etc. product, and make the badge attain tallest level of the history, and have very high collect and keep the value, art the value with the practical value.

It is main to produce the management: Soot (the original material of the ink, liquid ink, printing ink of upscale badge), badge ink (in the style of antique pine smokeink, soot ink, vermilion cinnabar ink tea), liquid ink (black liquid ink of liquid ink, carbon of liquid ink, dye of soot), ink, painting paper, lake pen, ink stone and celebrity calligraphy is with the culture thing.

The of the badge method: Not use the sun light the to shoot, watertightness. If discovers tablet having the to order the phenomenon with mildewed, can put the tablet on the flat panel, the flection face to down dry in the air, can the nature replies, mildewed point the part use the silk the to wipe, and then dissolve, only old such as new.


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