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Huangshan Attractions

Sightseeing Huangshan


Huangshan Cable Car

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Huangshan Cable Car

To fully enjoy the beauty of Mt. Huangshan, you have to reach the peak areas. With the assistance of cable car, this is made much easier. Huangshan Scenic Area has developed cable car since 1986.
1. Yungu Cable Car (from the Cloud Valley Temple to White Goose Mountain)
Yungu Cable Car is the first Cable Car on Mt. Huangshan, built in 1986 and a new Yungu Cable Car completed in 2007 which is the newest on Huangshan Mountain. Yungu Cable car runs from Cloud Valley Temple (Yun Gu Si) to White Goose Peak (Bai E Ling), taking eight minutes for a single trip, also called Cableway1. It is 2, 804 meters in total length and its height difference is 772.8 meters. From here you can visit the Begin to Believe Peak, Monkey Gazing at the Sea, Refreshing Terrace as well as the West Sea Scenic Area, Cloud Dispersing Pavilion, Red Cloud Peak, etc.

Yungu New Cable Car's route is the same as Yungu Cable Car from Cloud Valley Temple to White Goose Peak. A single trip takes eight minutes also. With one cable car taking eight people, the cable car transfers 1200 people an hour.

2. Taiping Cable Car (from Pine Valley Nunnery to Pine Forest Peak)
Taiping Cable Car connects the Pine Valley Nunnery (Song Gu An) to the Pine Forest Peak (Song Lin Feng), also called Cableway 2. It is 3,561.9 meters long and its height difference is 1,004 meters. It is of four-line reciprocating type, with one pair of cable cars, carrying capacity of 100 + 1 persons for each car (one way trip lasts 11.6 minutes).

The cable car is regarded as the one which offers the best scenery of Mt. Huangshan. Sitting in the carriage, you can pull the clouds and fog into your arm and overlook the world aloof. It may leave you a totally different feeling.

3. Yuping Cable Car (from the Mercy Light Temple to Jade Screen Tower)
Yuping Cable car established in 1996, also called Cableway 3. It runs from the Merciful Light Pavilion (Ci Guang Ge) to Jade Screen Pavilion (Yu Ping Lou). It is 2,012.1 meters long and its height difference is 745.4 meters. It is of single-line automatic reciprocating type, 31 gondolas in total. Each gondola can hold 6 persons (one way trip lasts 8 minutes). One cable car can accommodate six persons at one time. You can cover a distance that otherwise takes 3 hours on foot to reach the essential scenic area including the symbol of Mt. Huangshan-the Guest Greeting Pine.

How to choose the appropriate cable car among the three? It depends on the location of your hotel and your sightseeing plan. If you climb the mountain from the north gate, your only choice is the Taiping Cable Car starting at Pine Valley Nunnery (Song Gu An) which is quite near the West Sea Hotel. If you plan to enter to mountain from the south gate, the other two cable cars are available. Yuping Cable Car is recommended if you lodge in the Yupinglou Hotel or Guangmingding Resort on the summit, or you want to climb Tiandu Peak on the first day after your arrival. If the hotel you booked is on the back mountain such as North Sea Hotel, Shilin Hotel or White Goose Resort, we suggest you take the Cloud Valley Cable Car or Cloud Valley New Cable Car.

It is about 93 kilometers from Tunxi to Huangshan Mountain, and all the cable cars stop operation after 4pm. If you arrive at the local airport or downtown in later afternoon, it would be impossible to go up mountain by cable car on the same day. Therefore, you will have to overnight in the downtown (Tunxi) before driving to Huangshan the next day morning.


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