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Guangzhou Attractions

Sightseeing Guangzhou


Chimelong Water Park

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Chimelong Water Park

Children' s Pool
The world' s largest Children' s Pool contains an area of over 10,000 ㎡ of landscaped beach entry pool, offering shade structures in and around the pool for the comfort and convenience of families. The pool is filled with specially designed water features and characters for children' s entertainment.

Mini Tornado
The Mini Tornado is the world's first Mini Tornado and is based on the same design principals of the Tornado. Due to the success of the Tornado, Proslide have designed a special brand new attraction for Chimelong Water Park so that Children can now experience the same thrills as adults on the park's most popular ride. The Mini Tornado Funnel is one third or the size of the Tornados funnel at 7 meters diameter compared to 21 meters diameter. Children can safely ride the mini Tornado on special 2 person tubes with parents or friends.

Mini Rain Fortress
To compliment Chimelong Water Park's world largest Giant Rain Fortress the New Children's Pool will have a special Mini Rain Fortress for smaller Children to enjoy where all slides are under 3 meters in height. The Mini Rain Fortress has a fun and colorful tropical design.

Behemoth Bowl-"Best New Ride" of 2007 Golden Ticket Awards
The Behemoth Bowl is manufactured by Proslide, the same manufacturer of the very popular Tornado. 20 meters in height compared to the 15 meters in height for the Tornado. Guests then enter a horizontal bowl 21 meters in diameter, similar to the size of the Tornado Funnel which is vertical, then after multiple high speed revolutions, riders transition through the Corkscrew Center Core Exit to the landing pool. Riders will generate more speed on the Behemoth bowl as the ride length is 80 meters compared to 50 meters for the Tornado.

Tornado-"Best New Ride" of 2006 Golden Ticket Awards
This is the ride that has taken the world by storm and become Asia's first tornado. 4 r iders climb into specially designed four leaf clover tubes, and then take the plunge into a large cone that gives them the experience of being sucked into a tornado.

Boomerango / Family Ride
This is the latest in state of the art thrill ride s on the market today. It is the world's first waterslide of this new technology and thrills. Providing two different rides in one attraction, this new slide has the characteristics of a massive half pipe, where up to six riders drop in riding on an Aqua tube, which then creates enough speed to send the riders up a 15 meter vertical wall/ramp at a 60 to 90 degree angle.

Lazy River
The updated lazy river has more sight seeing and attractions on the river banks, such as Ice Age Cave which brings you back to the ice age.

Rain Fortress --- International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) Honorable Mention
This is the world's largest themed play station with various water slides and water activities. Endless fun for all ages and endless surprises and spills for children. Tipping buckets, water cannons, slides and secret ladders are some of the special features found in the Rain Fortress.

Wave Pool
This is the world's largest wave pool which is over 10,000 square meters. There is excitement for 10 consecutive minutes when the waves are "on". Then there is a relaxation period for the next 10 minutes when the waves are "off", allowing for calm water swimming. The wave pool can provide 9 different waves for different purposes. Guests can swim in the pool or use a tube to surf on the waves.

Pool Bar
The Pool Bar located in the lagoon next to the lazy river, serves guests fresh coconuts, refreshing drinks, and snacks.


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