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Chongqing dining


Chongqing Food

Chongqing dining


Taoran House

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Taoran House

Taoran House Restaurant was set up in 1955, with the registration funds of 510,000,000Yuan. It mainly deals in food. It's a large-scale food group combining chain management, ecological cultivation, food processing, people training, and material supply into a whole body. In present, there are more than 50 chain stores in over 20 provinces and cities in China. Taoran House has won a lot of rewards, such as "China Food Best 100"

peppery river snail, chicken cooked with dasheen, Taoran peppery chicken, bunched hare with orange fragrance.

The restaurant is very popular among the locals and it's usually very crowded in the evening particularly in holidays. Booking in advance is necessary.

1. the main restaurant: at the exit of the Hangu Town highway, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing; Tel: 023-65700199 65730238

2. Beibin Road branch: the Binjiang Road, Jiangbei District, Chongqing; Tel: 023-67012188 67012199

3. Southern Garden branch: Num.46, the Keyuan 3rd Avenue, the Southern Garden, the High and new technology development zone Tel: 023-68691999 68696629

Chongqing's food bases on Sichuan cuisine. Sichuan cuisine has all kinds of tastes. It takes the first place among all cuisines. Now, there are 24 kinds of tastes and they are divided into 3 categories.

The first category is the type of peppery taste. There are peppery taste, red oil taste, burnt hot taste, sour and spicy taste, peppery and numb taste, homely taste, hot and fragrant taste of lychee, fragrant taste of fish, tangerine peel taste, odd taste, etc. Among them, fragrant taste of fish, tangerine peel taste, and odd taste are unique tastes in Sichuan cuisine. It's difficult to cook because it combines salt, sweet, sour, spice, delicious, fragrant into one dish, and more than ten kinds of sauces is in harmonized rate. The names of dishes are odd-taste shredded chicken, odd-taste hare cubes, shredded pork with garlic sauce, peeled shrimp with garlic sauce, kidney with garlic sauce, fried chicken with garlic sauce, beef with tangerine peel, chicken with tangerine peel, Mapo bean curd, boiled beef, stir-fried chicken cubes, stir-fried fresh shellfish, stir-fried boiled pork slices in hot sauce, fried pork with salted pepper, boiled chicken sliced, etc.

The second category is the type of pungent taste. There are garlic sauce taste, ginger juice taste, mustard taste, sesame paste taste, fume taste, soy sauce taste, five-fragrance taste, wine fragrance taste, etc. Representative dishes are tea duck, sootiness spareribs, bamboo shoot with sesame paste, five-fragrance smoke fish, fried sliced mutton with soy sauce, fish slices with vermicelli, chicken with ginger juice, meat with wine fragrance, etc.

The third category is the type of tastes of salt, delicious, sour, and sweet. There are salt-delicious taste, bean-sauce taste, tomato-sauce taste, sweet taste, litchi taste, sweet-sour taste, etc. This type of taste is spread widely. Many dishes applied this taste. Representative dishes are Yi Pin Gong Yan, cooked fin, white-sauce abalone, water lily fish maw, water boiled cabbage, chicken slices, meat slices, shredded tripe, eight-treasure duck, salted duck's chest, steamed lotus root with honey sauce, mashed walnut, etc.

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