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Changsha Attractions

Sightseeing Changsha


Yueyang Tower

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Yueyang Tower

Yueyang Tower is located on the western gate of old Yueyang city, with Dongting Lake in the west and Yangtze River in the north. It has a history of over 1700 years, which is one of the three famous towers in southern China in history. The other two towers are Yellow Crane tower in Wuhan and Prince Teng pavilion in Nanchang. Among the three famous towers, only Yueyang tower is the original building of Qing Dynasty. It used to be a watchtower for soldiers. The tower owns a unique structure of "three floors, four pillars, flying eaves, helmet roof, and pure wood". The famous article "Notes on Yueyang Tower" was written by Fan Zhongyan, an outstanding scholar in North Song Dynasty. It makes Yueyang tower even more famous.

Yueyang Tower is ranked in the Dongting Lake National Scenic Area. In 2001, it was accredited among the first batch of AAAA grade tourist areas of China. It was also listed one of the ten most famous cultural heritages in Hunan Province in 2005.

In September 2007, Yueyang Tower Scenic Area was expanded from 73 acres to 670 acres, increasing new scenic spots of Zhan Yue Gate, Antique wall, turret, Dongting Lake Poetry Veranda, Bianhe River Street, the Southern Gate, the memorial temple of Teng Zijing and Fan Zhongyan, Five dynasties brass towers, tablet corridor, Lv Dongbin Temple, and other attractions.

In the year of 210, Lu Su, the general of East Wu State trained the navy force on Dongting Lake and renovated the tower. In 716, the time of Tang Dynasty, an official named Zhang Shuo was banished to be governor of Yueyang. He rebuilt the parade tower built by Lu Shu, famous general of East Wu in Three Kingdoms Period to be South Tower, which was renamed Yueyang Tower. In Northern Song Dynasty, Fan Zhongyan wrote the famous phrase in Notes of the Yueyang Pavilion: "Be the first to worry about the troubles across the land, the last to enjoy universal happiness", which made Yueyang Tower famous all over China.

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The Yueyang Tower is a three storey, rectangular building which reaches 15 meters (about 49 feet) high and is constructed entirely from wood. Surprisingly, no nails or beams have been used in its construction. This is a rare feature in classical architecture. Pillars have been included in the construction to ensure the strength of the building. Four pillars made of "Nanmu" wood support the entire pavilion; twelve pillars of catalpa wood support the eaves of the first storey and a further twelve pillars have been included to support the second storey. The roof of the pavilion is built using unusual curved lines which are similar to the shape of a helmet used by a knight of ancient times.

Seen from a distance, the Yueyang Tower seems like a giant bird which is in flight. The red building with its yellow glazed roof tiles is a splendid and colorful sight. Views here are spectacular. You will see the pavilion glowing in the sunshine together with the drifting clouds as reflections on the glimmering surface of the Dongting Lake. You will also see the white sails of passing boats contrasting with the blue sky. Couplets and carved screens are hung on the wall inside the building providing the visitors with the history of this tower.

The age of the tower is disputed. However, it is generally believed that the pavilion was built more than 1,700 years ago. During the Three Kingdoms Period (220-280) the rudimentary form of the building was that of a parade (ceremonial) pavilion. During the Western Jin (265-316) and the Northern and Southern Dynasties (386-589), the tower was used by the military with the name of "Baling Tower". It was not until the Tang Dynasty that it was renamed as the Yueyang Tower. The Yueyang Tower was damaged in the chaos of wars and was rebuilt in the Song Dynasty (960-1127). Since then, it has become a tourist attraction and a place of inspiration for both poets and writers. The pavilion was made very famous during the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127) by the works of Fan Zhongyan who was a great politician and writer.


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