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Changsha Attractions

Sightseeing Changsha


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Interesting Places

Changsha Window of the World
The Window of the World in Changsha culture traveling scenic area is located on the bank of Liuyang River, in the northeast suburb of Changsha. The area is 400,000 square meters with an investment of 300 million Yuan. It is one of the biggest culture traveling projects in Hunan Province.

The window of world in Changsha is different in design with various scenic areas, possessing different style and charm. The happy valley is happy and wild, the love valley is warm and romantic, the mystical valley is mystical, the humorous interest garden is humorous and charming, the children paradise induces the childlike innocence, and the international street is lively and luxurious.

In the scenic the French Louvre square, the Egyptian pyramid vying for demonstration; On the civilized mountain are the New Swan Fort, the Rangoon Golden Tower, the Italian Leaning Tower of Pisa; The civilized lake model of domestic included world scenic spots such as the France four big eruptive fountains, Sydney opera house. These varied constructions with micro model have demonstrated humanity's great civilization.

In addition, the window of world in Changsha culture traveling scenic area has also various kinds of touring activities, the laser flame party made people feel the convulse with which the modern science and technology brings; The five continents character and style artistic performance demonstrated the various countries' cultural characteristic. Everywhere is fascinating and completely relaxed.

Huo Gong (Fire God) Temple and Tea House
A flaming pot on the sidewalk marks the entrance --through stone arches-- to this ancient and lively establishment. The small courtyard is bedecked with colorful bunting. At the rear is the Fire God Temple, where people burn incense and pray to the large gold and red statues of the Fire God.

The tea house is the oldest restaurant in Changsha, and is said to have the best stinky tofu (chou doufu). No reservations are necessary - you wait until a table becomes free, brush off the remnants of the last diners' meal, and order dishes (snack sized "xiao chi" like dim sum) from the counter at the side of the room. Tea (of several varieties) and the dishes are brought to your table. There is a happy buzz of local families, friends, and tourists eating here, especially on Sundays.


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